Halloween is coming to Minecraft Dungeons with a special event featuring spooky mobs and gear

Halloween is coming to Minecraft Dungeons today as part of a new event called Spookier Fall, which is the second such event in the game, following Spooky Fall in 2020.

The event is live until November 2 and features “thrilling seasonal trials, cursed rewards, and monstrous crowds ready to scare you.”

Spookier Fall includes a variety of new themed items to collect, including the Cackling Broomstick, Ghost Bow, Scythe Skull, and Spooky Gourdian Armor Set. It also adds Night Mode, which gives the game a nocturnal feel and triggers the release of spooky enemy mobs.

Additionally, Mojang is releasing the Spooky Gourdian Creator Pack for the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, so people playing that game can join in the Halloween festivities as well.

In other news, Minecraft’s big Minecraft Live event is taking place this Saturday, October 16, and Mojang is promising some “exciting reveals” for the showcase. Keep checking with GameSpot for the latest news. October 16 is also DC FanDome Day, so it will be a busy weekend for gaming and entertainment news.

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