Here’s the first 45 minutes of Minecraft Dungeons gameplay

We recently entered the Minecraft Dungeons beta on PC, giving us a deeper look at the game for the first time. Minecraft Dungeons blends the world of Minecraft with the playstyles of Diablo, creating a dungeon crawler that not only feels great to play, but will be familiar to fans of the games and genres.

Minecraft Dungeons is taking registrations for its closed beta here, and it’s targeting an April 30, 2020 launch on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Nintendo Switch, though Microsoft has issued a notice that global events could cause the game to be delayed.

So far, the game looks drastically polished on PC. I was running it on a modest RTX 2060 laptop and found it ran extremely well at 60fps, with only minor hiccups here and there. The gameplay is really tight, with great particle effects and fun physics that add weight and impact to your weapon swings and special abilities.

The game has difficulty scaling that you can choose to suit your playstyle, similar to Diablo and other isometric dungeon crawlers, with even more difficulty levels unlocked when you go through the story. On the maximum difficulty available, I found the boss fights surprisingly difficult, with fairly high demands for quick reactions and careful planning.

Minecraft Dungeons looks set to really take off when it launches later next month, especially since it’s literally on every platform. PC and Xbox players will also be able to play together, and cross-play is being explored for other platforms after launch. And of course, it will also be on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC.

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