How many music discs are there in Minecraft 1.19 update so far?

Music discs in Minecraft 1.19 are special items that can play sounds and music when inserted into a jukebox block. These are some of the most iconic objects of age-old sandbox gaming. Some of them contain classic music from the game, while others have mysterious sounds that often leave fans confused.

Like most other elements of the game, some discs are as old as the game itself, while others are new. With the Minecraft 1.19 update, Mojang added another music disc called “5”. Music discs that have numbers in their names are very special because they have a unique and often frightening mix of sounds. Newcomers to the game need to know how many discs are in the game and how to get them.

List of all music discs present in Minecraft 1.19 update so far

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There are a total of 15 music discs in Minecraft 1.19 update after adding music disc ‘5’. All have distinct sounds and designs. Here is the list of all:

  • 13: A rare disc with unsettling sounds like cave music, footsteps, clanging metal, splashing water, gusting winds, explosions of creepers and archery.
  • Cat: Another rare record with a looping synth melody followed by a bassline. It also contains part of the original “Minecraft” track.
  • Blocks: A rare record with an upbeat chiptune-style melody with a random waltz beat.
  • Chirp: This music disc has a retro 1970 style bossa nova tune as well as a vaporwave version of the Mall music disc.
  • Loin: This disc has a calm and relaxing melody played on a synth with watery echoes.
  • Mall: A rare music disc that contains serene music created on a kalimba and other instruments.
  • Mellohi: This is a slow, melancholic waltz tune with a mellotron sample in the background.
  • Stal: This musical disc contains soft jazz played on a piano, a saxophone and double basses.
  • Strad: This disc contains a tropical-sounding track accompanied by a glitchy electronic tribal rhythm.
  • Ward: This is an excerpt from Chopin’s Funeral March played on a synthetic organ that is interrupted by a catchy electronic melody.
  • 11: One of the most fascinating records with noises of blocks breaking, heavy breathing and rustling followed by haunting cave noises. It ends with rapid footsteps on different blocks and a static whistle.
  • Wait: the music disc contains an upbeat remix of the “Minecraft” track. Starts with a quiet synth then turns into a chiptune-esque song.
  • Otherside: The music disc starts with an uplifting retro style track but starts to get darker and sadder by the end.
  • Pigstep: The entire music disc consists of an upbeat hip-hop style track with some soft parts.
  • 5: The new disc added in Minecraft 1.19 update consists of flint and steel igniting fire, bat squeaks and walking sounds. After a while, a distorted noise and a sculk howler can be heard activating. The track finally ends with a Guardian roar after a sculk sensor activation sound.

How to get these discs

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Music discs can be obtained in Minecraft 1.19 update in different ways. Some can be found in chests, while others are much harder to obtain.

Discs found in chest

Several discs, including disc ‘5’, can only be found in chests located in various naturally generated structures:

  • 13: Dungeon, ancient town and wooded mansion
  • Cat: Dungeon, Ancient City, and Woodland Mansion
  • Other side: keep, old town and fortress
  • Pigstep: Remains of the Bastion
  • 5: Ancient City (found only as disc fragments)

Kill Creeper from a Skeleton

Apart from the disks mentioned above (except ’13’ and cat), all other disks can only be obtained when a creeper is killed by a skeleton.

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