How many strongholds are there in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition 1.19?

Minecraft players in Survival mode always search for a stronghold at some point in their game in order to find a portal towards the end. This is the only way to fight the Ender Dragon and complete the mode’s initial story.

While Minecraft players can simply use and follow an ender eye to a stronghold, this process can take a while.

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Knowing how these structures appear can help players deduce their location without relying too often on the eyes of ender.

In Bedrock Edition, strongholds generate in a different way than Java Edition. Bedrock fortresses can spawn with very few parameters, and there is no set amount in any given world. This means that fortresses in this particular edition of Minecraft can be numbered almost endlessly.

Minecraft: Bedrock Edition generates fortresses less predictably than Java

Some strongholds can generate in ocean biomes (Image via Mojang)
Some strongholds can generate in ocean biomes (Image via Mojang)

Fortress generation in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is much more lax than its Java counterpart. As a result, players can find the structures scattered randomly across a world with no defined proximity or spacing. This sometimes causes overlaps between fortresses, which is undoubtedly a boon for players.

Curiously, the generational quirkiness that Bedrock Strongholds seem to foster breeds beneath the villages. Players near these structures may want to dig to see if they can find a staircase.

Fortresses can also generate in oceans and even above ground in caves and ravines. They can even technically generate in the Outlands, but these are essentially inaccessible without commands or similar manipulation.

Anyway, Bedrock’s build code makes finding fortresses a little less predictable than Java. The Java build keeps the strongholds spaced fairly evenly.

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To better focus on Strongholds, Bedrock players can combine Generation Knowledge with Eyes of Ender.

Players can start in one village and check neighboring villages for strongholds below. If the results are empty, they can use the eyes of ender to follow a path to the nearest fortress.

Finding available villages first should reduce reliance on Eyes of Ender in the long run, though players can use any strategy that suits them best.

If players aren’t afraid to use commands, they can enter the /locate command to find the nearest stronghold. With cheats enabled, Bedrock players can enter “/locate stronghold” into their chat bar. This will provide the coordinates of the closest stronghold to the player.

Depending on the situation, the coordinates may be incomplete and only the X and Z coordinates may have a set value. That should be enough though, as players can head to the X/Z coordinates and dig down to try and find the stronghold if needed.

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It goes without saying, however, that Minecraft players should always be careful when digging straight down. Even if they don’t fall into a lava pool, they can very well fall into a part of the fortress that is filled with hostile mobs.

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