How to Beat Minecraft in a Superflat World

In Minecraft: Java Edition, Superflat worlds can be created during world creation and are quite difficult to survive due to their relative lack of resources. However, with the right settings in place, it’s still possible to beat Survival even in a Superflat world.

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By default, Superflat worlds in Minecraft: Java Edition do not spawn the strongholds needed to complete the Survival Mode story. Things are even worse in Bedrock Edition, where flat worlds lack the ability to be customized and don’t generate any form of structure. Anyway, if a Java Edition player wants to complete Survival Mode in a Superflat world, there are a few things they need to keep in mind to do so.

Activate Fortresses in Minecraft: Java Edition and Beat Survival Mode

Fortresses generate quite differently in Superflat worlds (Image via Mojang)
Fortresses generate quite differently in Superflat worlds (Image via Mojang)

A standard Superflat world in Minecraft: Java Edition may not generate strongholds, but luckily it is possible to use different presets to enable them. When creating the world, it only takes a few clicks, and you will be able to find a stronghold in your Superflat world as well as the Nether to collect your blaze rods and Ender Pearls. Various presets provide access to the Nether and End, so players have more than a few options to suit their tastes.

Create a super flat world with Nether/End Access

  1. Open Java Edition and go to the world creation menu.
  2. Select the “More Global Options” button.
  3. Press the button that says “World Type: Default” until it says “Superflat”.
  4. A “Customize” button will appear under the Superflat world type, tap it.
  5. In the customization menu, tap the “Preset” button and select a preset that activates strongholds. You can select Tunneler’s Dream, Overworld, or Desert. Overworld tends to be the best option, as it spawns plenty of other structures like villages, looter outposts, dungeons, mineshafts, and ruined portals.
  6. Tap “Done”, then complete your world generation.
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Once you enter the new Minecraft world, you will notice that it generates as a Superflat world, but it will also generate various structures. In the Overworld preset, this makes it much easier to find a village or any other structure you’re looking for. Finding a village is very important to complete Superflat Survival, as you will need its resources to start.

Progress to the end in Minecraft Superflat Survival

  1. After spawning, find a village as soon as you can. Loot all available items in the village, including food, tools, and weapons, or forge items like diamonds, obsidian, or horse armor. Break any blocks you deem necessary to get started, but avoid breaking doors as this will allow zombies to kill Minecraft villagers in the night. Also, don’t break too many villager beds or their workstations, as this can cause them to wander off and be attacked as well.
  2. Acquire iron as quickly as possible. This can be achieved by raiding villages, trading with villagers, or killing iron golems. Taking on iron golems early can be difficult, so you can proceed as you normally would in Minecraft Survival until you can trade effectively or find another village that has iron ingots to loot.
  3. With your iron, create a bucket to collect the water. In Minecraft: Java Edition Overworld preset, you can find water in village wells or village farms.
  4. Pour water over lava pools in the game world to create obsidian, then mine it with a diamond pickaxe. The easiest way to get diamonds for a pickaxe in Minecraft Superflat is to venture into different villages and loot their blacksmith shops. You can even find enough Obsidian to create or complete a Nether Portal on your own while looting.
  5. With at least ten obsidians, create a nether portal and activate it with a flint and steel (flint can be obtained from fletcher villagers in Minecraft). Additionally, you can find a ruined portal on the map and complete it by removing any weeping obsidian and rebuilding the frame.
  6. Once you’re in the Nether, you’ll notice the dimension is roughly the same as it normally would be. Search a Nether Fortress to kill blazes and get their blaze staves, then trade with piglins to get ender pearls. To do this, you’ll need gold, which can be obtained in the Overworld from village loot chests or by breaking down gold blocks you find near ruined portals.
  7. Combine your blaze rods and ender pearls to create eyes of ender. You will need a maximum of 12 Eyes of Ender to complete an entirely empty End portal frame. Then, return to the Overworld and search for a fortress. They should be incredibly visible in the Superflat type of world as they tend to hover above the ground. Find the end portal room and insert your eyes of ender into the portal frames. All that remains is to defeat the Ender Dragon and complete Minecraft Survival Mode.
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Minecraft’s Superflat worlds can test a player’s ingenuity and material-gathering skills, but beating Survival mode in one is a truly rewarding experience. It takes a few tricks and some knowledge to finally cross the finish line, but it’s quite a feat. After the fall of the Ender Dragon, you are free to explore, craft, and build your vast, flat world as you please.

Edited by Siddharth Satish

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