How to Beat the End in Minecraft Bedrock and Java (2022)

The game of Minecraft definitely has an end, literally. There is an area in Minecraft called the end, where players can go to complete the game. But before the end credits, players will have to complete a task, perhaps the most difficult task in the game. ‘Ender Dragon.

Early on, Minecraft had an End realm where the crowd of beastly bosses live. Players find the rare End portal in the Overworld and jump down to fight the mob of bosses. As new updates are introduced in Minecraft, many new players will play the game. Here’s how to beat the end in Minecraft Bedrock and Java.

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Ways to beat the end in Minecraft Bedrock and Java (2022)

The only way to beat the End in Minecraft Bedrock and Java is to fight and kill the Ender Dragon. Only after killing the Ender Dragon can players peacefully explore other End Islands.

Required equipment

Defeating the Ender Dragon is slightly different in Bedrock Edition and Java Edition, simply due to certain combat and movement tactics. However, players of both editions will need plenty of food, the best weapons and armor, solid blocks like cobblestones, ender pearls for quick escape, and plenty of beds to deal damage to the dragon.

Enter the End and destroy the End Crystals

The main island of End (Image via Minecraft Wiki)
The main island of End (Image via Minecraft Wiki)

When players enter the End portal, they will need to reach the main island End. If players are lucky they will spawn on the island, otherwise they can throw the ender pearls to reach it.

After that, players will need to destroy each End Crystal on top of each Obsidian Tower. End crystals regenerate the dragon’s health, so they must be destroyed before dealing with the dragon. Players can use any type of ranged weapon to destroy them.

Fight the ender dragon

Ender Dragon (Image via AnimoApps)
Ender Dragon (Image via AnimoApps)

In the Bedrock Edition, players have a slight advantage, as they can spam their weapons whenever the dragon comes to the rock fountain in the center. As the dragon swoops down to reach the center, players can act quickly to place and spam beds near the dragon’s head.

In Java Edition, players will need to time their attacks to deal critical damage to the dragon. One of the benefits for Java Edition players is that they can activate dragon hitboxes to aim their attacks more precisely.

Beds explode in the End realm, so they can deal heavy damage to the dragon. Be sure to place and blast beds only near the bedrock fountain. This can do the most damage to the dragon, killing it faster.

Once the dragon is slain, players will be able to collect the dragon egg and return to the overworld through the final portal generated in the center of the rock fountain.

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