How to build a creeper gunpowder farm in Minecraft Bedrock update 1.19

Mob farms are quite popular in Minecraft. Many players love building them because they can get a lot of loot overnight when they could be doing other things.

Either way, mob farms are good for loot, of which hostile mobs have some of the best. Creepers mostly have good loot since they are one of the only sources of gunpowder in the game.

Users should be aware that all mob farms can spawn creepers. Excluding all mobs except creepers is difficult but not impossible.

It’s usually easier to create a mob farm and let it collect any mobs that spawn. Here’s how to create one that will mostly only spawn vines.

Minecraft: Creeper Farm Guide

Step 1: Build the Farm

The outer shell (Image via Mojang)
The outer shell (Image via Mojang)

A mob farm needs to be completely enclosed for several reasons. First of all, hostile mobs don’t appear in the light. Second, it removes their ability to escape. It should be five or more blocks wide.

The more it is built, the more monsters there will be. However, its construction requires much more work upstream.

Step 2: Lower the height of the truss

Hatches in a farm (Image via Mojang)
Hatches in a farm (Image via Mojang)

There is a good way to limit the mobs that can spawn. A farm two blocks high spawns most hostile mobs, except Endermen, which are slightly taller than that.

Placing trapdoors on the ceiling block will reduce the height to just under two blocks. This removes the possibility for anything other than creepers and the occasional spider to breed.

The Minecraft Wiki says it works every time on Java Edition but “may not work in Bedrock”.

Spiders are shorter than that, but a mob farm that provides gunpowder, string, and spider eyes is still handy.

Step 3: Drive mobs to their deaths

Flowing water will push climbing plants to their death (Image via Mojang)
Flowing water will push climbing plants to their death (Image via Mojang)

The water should flow from side to side. As wide as the farm is, there should be a water source block, so that everything flows in one direction. This will push the mobs down.

Step 4: Make sure they die

Magma blocks can kill vines (Image via Mojang)
Magma blocks can kill vines (Image via Mojang)

At the end of the water, there must be some sort of kill block. Magma cubes, campfires, or other harmful Minecraft blocks can be useful here.

The second and perhaps most important part of this stage is collecting the loot. Minecraft players can enter to get it, but it’s easier to have a collector and make it AFK.

A minecart with a hopper can be placed on motorized rails with a redstone block on each end to power it. It will roll back and forth, picking up items and dropping them into hoppers placed below with connected chests.

Step 5: Delete the light

Dark oak doors let in no light (Image via Mojang)
Dark oak doors let in no light (Image via Mojang)

The hardest part of any farm like this is removing the option to have light inside while still giving Minecraft players a way in and out to collect loot.

Dark oak doors have no holes, so they are suitable for providing an entrance that does not let in light.

It is also advisable to build the shell of the farm long enough that if any light enters through the door, it will disappear by the time the farm starts, where the monsters will appear.

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