How to change game rules in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The Minecraft game rules are used to define what the game does on a larger scale than, say, just turning off the weather cycle. Instead, game rules are used to inherently change the way the game is played on a server. Every BedWars server, every Hunger Games server, and every server that doesn’t play exactly like Minecraft typically does has new game rules applied.

This is the only way for Minecraft players to modify anything about the game in Bedrock Edition. Bedrock Edition does not allow mods, so players must modify the game rules to change things in the world. Here’s how we can go about it.

Change the rules of the game in Minecraft

The game rules allow players to modify the basic gameplay aspects of their Minecraft server to whatever they want. This could mean disabling PvP entirely or reducing the number of people who have to sleep the next morning. The rules of the game can be big or small.

BedWars is one of the most popular server types in Minecraft.  (Picture via Mojang)
BedWars is one of the most popular server types in Minecraft. (Picture via Mojang)

To do this, players must own a server and have cheats enabled. The rules syntax is:

/ game ruleruler> [<value>]

ruler>” refers to the name of the game rule andvalue> is the allowed value, which depends on the game rule type.

The two possible rule types are either boolean, which refer to true or false values, or integer, where numbers can be applied. Game rules can be changed via in-game chat (like all commands) or in the server’s web console.

Here’s an example of how to do it through the Minecraft web console:

  1. Determine which game rule should change, such as doMobLoot
  2. Open the server web console
  3. Type the command: “/gamerule doMobLoot false” and it will prevent mobs from dropping loot

Here’s an example of how to do it in the in-game chat:

  1. Connect to server
  2. Type the command: “doFireTick false” and it will disable fire spread and eventually extinguish naturally

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