How to Create a Location Map in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Having a map is very important in Minecraft. Although they don’t work in the Nether or the End, the cards are extremely useful in the Overworld. A location map is the best and most useful version. In single-player worlds, players may be able to get by without it, but it’s still extremely useful.

In a multiplayer world, however, its importance cannot be underestimated. Being able to locate yourself and other players in their world is a huge advantage. Fortunately, making location maps isn’t difficult.

I died twice in the same place tonight, I’m Minecraft. I lost my location map and again all my armor and tools. Stupid underwater cave. 🙄

For many worlds, the starting map everyone has is a location map, but if players lose it or don’t start with one, here’s how to create one.

Location map guide for Minecraft Bedrock Edition

The easiest way to craft one is to use a cartography table. These can be crafted with two paper planks and four wooden planks. They are also found naturally in villages sometimes.

To create a complete map, players will need three additional sheets of paper. To ensure this is a location map, players will need a compass crafted from four iron ingots and redstone dust.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, an empty map can be crafted with nine pieces of paper, filling the crafting grid. Combining the new empty map with a compass in the crafting grid creates a level one location map. It is the smallest card available.

Alternatively, the crafting table can be skipped completely with a cartography table. In the GUI, players can place a sheet of paper and a compass, creating the level one location map.

Cartography table (Image via OMGCraft on YouTube)
Cartography table (Image via OMGCraft on YouTube)

To expand it, crafters will need to take the card and put it back in the first slot. A blank sheet of paper goes in the second slot. This will expand it to level two, which is bigger but still not as big as it can be.

Minecraft players can repeat this step twice to have a fully expanded level four location map. They can store it in their free hand to have it always open.

In Minecraft Bedrock Edition, an anvil can be used instead of a crafting table to zoom out a map, clone a map, or place a locator on a map.

A map/location map and a sheet of paper will zoom out the map. The same map with an empty map creates a clone of the map. Adding a compass to the anvil will turn it into a location map. This however takes the durability of the anvil.

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