How to Create a Track in Minecraft 1.19 Update

Lead is a useful item in Minecraft for a number of reasons. It can be attached to monsters so they can be tethered to certain areas or brought by players when traveling. However, they can also be used in decorations such as creating rope bridges.

While tracks can be looted from Minecraft structures such as Woodland Mansions, Buried Treasures, and Ancient Cities, they can also be crafted.

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With just a few basic materials, players can create multiple tracks to serve their purposes.

Creating Leads is cheap as of 1.19, so players should have little to no trouble getting hold of the materials needed to craft them.

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How to get materials for a track in Minecraft

A slime, which can provide slime balls to players (Image via Mojang)
A slime, which can provide slime balls to players (Image via Mojang)

To create a track in Minecraft, players will need four pieces of string and a ball of slime. These materials will craft two tracks in the crafting table.

Twine and slime are two very common materials to obtain. Slimeballs, in particular, are easier to collect.

If players are near the right monsters, they can collect the necessary materials in just a few moments.

Minecraft players have a few options for collecting string. It can be looted from dungeons, bastion remnants, desert pyramids, looter outposts, and woodland mansions.

String is also available as mob loot by killing spiders, walkers, and cats. When players are fishing, they can sometimes fish string from a body of water as a treasure item. If players have a pet cat, it will occasionally provide them with a string as a gift when they wake up from a bed. Bartering with piglins can also yield strings on occasion.

Finally, Bedrock Edition players can break down a cobweb block into nine pieces of string when placed in a crafting grid.

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To get slimeballs in Minecraft, players will need to search a mob of slime. These mobs can drop slimeballs when killed. They drop more slime balls based on their size.

Players can also deliver a small slime to a mob of frogs. The frog will consume the slime and turn it into slime balls.

Baby pandas in jungle biomes can also sometimes create mud balls after sneezing. Since players only need a slime ball, this should be considered a viable option.

Finally, the Wandering Trader occasionally sells slime balls for the price of four emeralds, so players should keep an eye out for the savvy villager.

About the Wandering Trader, the mob can also provide players with leads without the need to craft. The trader appears with two crowds of llamas connected by strings. By killing a llama or the trader himself, a track will be dropped.

Players can also drop the lead by placing the llamas in a boat or minecart or by dragging the llamas far enough from the trader to break the lead.

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