How to create a track in Minecraft

Lead – as the name suggests – is an item used to lead passive and hostile mobs in Minecraft. At first, you cannot create a trail and can only find it by looting chests. Later, with the 1.6.1 update, you can create one! Let’s see how to create a track in Minecraft!

3 steps to create a track in Minecraft

#1 Get 4 Strings

A string is a primary item dropped by spiders, cave spiders, walkers, and cats. Spiders, cave spiders, and cats drop 0-2 ropes on death, while walkers can drop up to 5 ropes. With the Looting III enchantment, you can get 5 ropes for each spider and 8 ropes for each walker killed. However, cats’ rope drop is not affected by this enchantment.

You can get string directly from chests in many spawned structures like dungeons, desert temples, looter outposts, woodland mansions, and bastion remnants (not a recommended location to get string).

Fishing can give you 1 rope with a 0.6% chance of each cast. Luck is decreased by 0.1% for each level of Luck of the Sea enchantment you have on your fishing rod.

Tamed cats are also a good source of twine. Every time you go to sleep with your cats around your bed and wake up, the tamed cat will have a 16% chance to give you 1 string.

Nether dimension piglins have a 4.36% chance to give you 3-9 cords for each gold bar. But beware of the Nether!

Finally, if you see a spider web lying around, you can break it with your sword or shears to get 1 string. Cobwebs usually spawn around cave spider spawners in the mine shaft structure.

#2 Get 1 Slimeball

Slimeball is a renewable green ball in Minecraft that can be obtained primarily through the slime mob. Each baby slime can drop 0-2 slime balls and up to 5 slime balls if you have the Looting III enchantment.

If you have a slime block, place it in the crafting grid to get 9 slime balls.

You can also exchange 4 emeralds with the traveling merchants for 1 ball of slime. Pretty expensive!

Alternatively, patiently waiting for the panda to sneeze is another way to get slimeball in Minecraft. They have a 0.14% chance of only dropping a slime ball when they sneeze, and the chance of a panda sneezing is 0.01%. Happy waiting!

#3 Create a track

Once you have 4 strings and 1 slimeball, right click on a crafting table and follow the recipe form below to craft 2 tracks.

Other ways to get a track in Minecraft

#1 By looting chests

There are only 3 structures that can contain lead in their chest. The ancient city, the wooded mansion and the buried treasures (only in the Bedrock edition). If you’re playing on Java Edition, it might not be worth taking a trail this way because the ancient town and the wooded mansion are very dangerous!

#2 By street vendors

Wandering Traders have a normal chance of spawning around the player. They always spawn with 2 tracks attached to Trader Llamas. You can either kill the wandering trader or carry the llama to take the lead.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the easiest way to get leads in Minecraft?

Without experience, the easiest way to get leads in Minecraft is to kill wandering traders. Since they spawn quite often and are easy to kill. If you’ve been playing the game for a while, building a spider and slime farm is the best way to get leads in Minecraft!

How to make a track in Minecraft without slime?

You can not ! Slimeball of slime is an essential material for creating a track in Minecraft. Unless there are Minecraft mods that change recipes, or you’re in creative mode!


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