How to Download Minecraft Bedrock Beta

It’s only been a few weeks since the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs Part II update. Still, the developers surprised gamers by releasing a beta featuring frogs and tadpoles.

Minecraft Bedrock is part of the early beta versions of The Wild Update. In previous betas, players could play with sculk blocks. The new beta introduces the adorable frogs and their baby variants called tadpoles.

can we all enjoy @wChiwi‘s animations for the Frog? He seriously nailed it. This is the first mob where we’ve used keyframe animations, and I think it came out looking great while still feeling Minecrafty

Players can download the Minecraft Bedrock beta to try out some upcoming features for The Wild Update. This beta is only available for Windows 10, Xbox One and Android devices with Google PlayStore.

Minecraft Bedrock beta

Unlike Java Edition, Bedrock users cannot easily download versions that are still in development. Players will need to become beta testers for Minecraft Bedrock.

Beta testing is only available for Windows 10, Xbox One, and Android. Players on other devices cannot try experimental features. Players who own a copy of Minecraft Bedrock can participate in beta testing for the devices mentioned above.

Before becoming a beta tester, players should know the following:

  • Becoming a beta tester will replace the stable version of Minecraft with a version under development.
  • During beta testing, access to Realms is disabled. Testers cannot play with non-beta players during the beta preview.
  • Worlds played/loaded in a beta version cannot be played in the official version of Minecraft or any older version.
  • New features added in beta may be unstable and do not represent final quality. They may vary in the official version.

Here are the steps to download for Minecraft beta.

Download Minecraft beta for Android devices

  1. Open Google Play Store.
  2. Go to official Minecraft page on PlayStore.
  3. Scroll down to find an option to participate in beta testing.
  4. Become a beta tester.
  5. Install or update to the latest beta version from the official Minecraft page on PlayStore.

Download Minecraft beta for Xbox One and Windows 10

  1. Windows 10 and Xbox One users need the Insider Hub app. It is available for download on Xbox Store and Microsoft Store.
  2. Open the Insider Hub app and go to the Minecraft overview page.
  3. Join the Minecraft Bedrock beta.
  4. After signing up, go to Xbox or Microsoft Store and download the new beta.

In the new beta, frogs and tadpoles have been added. Along with them, it also features bug fixes and gameplay improvements. Players can read the official patch notes to discover what’s new in beta

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