How to Dye Leather Armor in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Often overlooked in Minecraft due to its dull defense value, leather armor boasts the ability to be dyed in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, providing fun uses despite its lack of protection compared to other armor.

Minecraft players can add some customization to leather armor by using a cauldron filled with water and the appropriate dye. Since Minecraft worlds are full of different sources of dyes, players have many options for adding color to their leather armor.

It doesn’t take a lot of resources to dye leather, so players are encouraged to give it a try.

Minecraft: The process of dyeing leather armor

Multi-colored leather armor easily created with the right resources (Image via Mojang)
Multi-colored leather armor easily created with the right resources (Image via Mojang)

Before dyeing their leather armor, Minecraft players will need a cauldron, bucket of water, and dye in the color of their choice. Buckets and cauldrons are created with iron ingots, and there are many items in Minecraft that create dyes.

For example, bone meal can create a white dye, and placing poppies in a crafting grid will create a rosy red dye.

Once players have their cauldron, they will need to place it in the desired location and fill it with a bucket of water. Then players can place their dye in the water in the cauldron, which will change the color of the water.

Next, select the leather armor and use it on the cauldron filled with dye. This should dye the respective leather armor piece the designated color. Minecraft players can repeat this process for any leather armor pieces they have.

While this cannot be applied to armor types like Diamond or Netherite, applying color to leather armor provides additional customization to compensate for the armor’s relative lack of protection.

It doesn’t hurt to keep a few cauldrons full of dye if players are feeling creative about their armor. Minecraft is a game of customization and creativity, after all, and changing the color of your leather armor is one of the essential facets of that fact.

While players will likely outgrow their leather armor fairly quickly, it can still look great on an armor stand. It may not protect you against other armor types, but leather armor has great fashion applications in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition.

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