How to Enchant in Minecraft Dungeons

Much like dungeon crawlers, Minecraft Dungeons features a large number of enchantments that bestow different effects on a hero’s gear. These are applied regardless of whether they are found on items or applied by the player.

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For players wanting to choose their own enchantments for their gear, Minecraft Dungeons offers a fairly accessible and intuitive enchantment system that makes augmenting weapons and armor simple.

Similar to standard Minecraft, enchantments come with different ranks that dictate the ability of the applied effect. Players new to Minecraft Dungeons or dungeon-crawling RPG games in general should rest assured that the enchantment in this game is made easy by design.

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Minecraft Dungeons: How Enchantment Works

Enchantments give players a boost in several ways and are an important part of late-game gameplay (Image via Mojang).
Enchantments give players a boost in several ways and are an important part of late-game gameplay (Image via Mojang).

First and foremost, for Minecraft Dungeons players to apply enchantments, they will need some enchantment points. Each time a player levels up, they gain an enchantment point. To use these points, players will need to enter their inventory and select an item. There should be three slots in the lower right part of the screen where enchantments can be applied. It’s not always possible to slot an enchantment into every slot, but sometimes items are able to stack multiple enchantments.

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Since leveling up is a simple undertaking, players who have been playing for a while likely already have quite a few enchantment points to their name. Each piece of gear has the potential to have different enchantments applied to it in Minecraft Dungeons, meaning two weapons of comparable quality may differ in the enchantments they can be augmented with.

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One sword may be enchanted with Sharpness, while another may be able to add fire damage; it just depends on the item. At the bottom right of the screen, players can select random enchantments that best suit their playstyle and can spend enchantment points to obtain them.

Don’t worry about losing points by enchanting items and then finding replacements, as players can simply pick up the old items they’ve enchanted to pay back their enchantment points while earning a few extra emeralds.

Since Emeralds are the main currency in Minecraft Dungeons, having more is never a bad idea. Reimbursing enchantment points through salvage allows players to constantly enchant their new gear as they find it, ensuring they always have solid in-game effects during their adventure.

As the game progresses, it’s wise to use enchantments that synergize with each other. Since players can enchant their primary weapon, bow, and armor, applying complementary enchantments to each piece can significantly improve a player’s performance in Minecraft Dungeons endgame.

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