How to Farm Blaze Stems in Minecraft

Since its IPO in 2011, Minecraft has been one of the most popular survival games among players of all ages and skill levels with extreme replay value. One of the most common features in the game is farming mobs to get their loot. Some of these item drops are essential for advancing in the world, including the blaze rod.

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Minecraft is no different than most games in that these required items are difficult to obtain. For players who need to farm a Fire Rod, the path to getting just one requires many steps. Although the journey may take some effort, the player can go so far as to create a personal blaze farm for an endless source of blaze rods.


8/8 Collect Obsidian to Create a Netherworld Portal

The first thing players will need to do to start farming Blaze Stems is create a Nether Portal. This step requires collecting specific supplies to build the gate, including a minimum of ten Obsidian Blocks. Unfortunately, this step isn’t as simple as it sounds because obsidian is not a readily available material and rarely spawns in the wild. Players will most likely find it underground while exploring until they find lava pools. Obsidian forms when running water flows over lava.

Once they find the obsidian, they can’t just mine it with any tool, because it’s incredibly hard. It requires a diamond or a netherite pickaxe. There is also another potential issue that players may face. Beneath all that beautiful obsidian they just found in the caves are most likely pools of lava, so when they break a block it will just fall into the lava and be destroyed. They’ll need to be crafty, using water on adjacent blocks to immediately cover the lava as soon as you take out the obsidian.

7/8 Collect or craft a flint and steel

The next step is to get a Flint and Steel. Although this fire-igniting tool can be found in dungeons and nether fortresses, it is much faster to create one, especially since players cannot access a nether fortress while they haven’t finished building the nether portal.

To craft one, players will need a flint and an iron ingot. They will have to find blocks of gravel and break them to obtain flint. A few steps will need to be completed for the iron ingot. First, players must find iron which they can mine with a stone pickaxe. Once they have a block, they must melt it down in a furnace to create the ingot. Finally, they will craft a Flint and Steel using the Flint and Iron Ingot.

6/8 Create a Nether Portal

Using at least ten Obsidian blocks and four other blocks from any origin, which do not have to be the best building blocks, players will need to create a Nether portal. They will need to start by placing two of the obsidian blocks between two of the other blocks directly on the ground to form the base of their portal.

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Then they will build the sides with three obsidian blocks per piece, placing one of the other blocks on top of each of these piles. Between the two different blocks at the top, they must put the two remaining obsidian blocks to complete the frame. By taking the Flint and Steel, players will light up the interior, creating an active portal to the Nether. At this point, the four different blocks can be removed.

5/8 Don’t go unprepared

When players enter the Nether, it’s best to be prepared, otherwise they won’t get very far. They will need armor and weapons, at the very least. The better they can improve them, the more success they will have. At a minimum, melee weapons should be constructed of iron and a crossbow with plenty of arrows should be brought.

Players should not forget their Flint and Steel. If the portal goes out because a terrible fireball damages one of the portal blocks, they will be stuck without it until it is turned back on. Food is essential in the Nether, as in the rest of the game. Players must ensure that they pack enough to survive the journey as without it they will lose their ability to regenerate health and eventually succumb to their enemies. .

4/8 Traverse the Nether in search of a Nether Fortress

Once players have entered a Nether Portal, they must find a Nether Fortress. The best way to do this is to walk around. They appear randomly, so there is no map to guide players to one. There will also be plenty of monsters to fight along the way, allowing for plenty of items and experience to be collected, but some will be hostile and difficult to defeat.

Once they finally find a Nether Fortress, they will have to travel a significant distance to find another one. Thus, players must stick with whatever they find or risk going through all of their resources.

3/8 Locate a Blaze Spawner in the Nether Fortress

Unfortunately, there’s no great trick to locating a Flame Generator in a Nether Fortress. Players will have to wander the halls until they come across one. Once they find one, they will also find a flame mob, which consists of a maximum of three flames, making it a smaller mob. The best tactic is to shoot them from a distance with a crossbow or bow and arrow. These enemies are shooting at players, so they need to keep their distance.

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When killing Flames, these enemies can drop Flame Rods, which is why players have been looking for them. Blazes have a reasonably high 50% drop rate; however, they must be physically killed by the player. The only other acceptable method is to have a tamed wolf do the job. The success rate of breeding Flame Staffs can be increased using the Plunder Enchantment. Usually, when a brazier drops a brazier rod, it will only drop one. With this enchantment activated, it can drop up to four, increasing player loot to new heights.

2/8 Protect the Blaze spawner and build a containment chamber

Once players find a flame generator, they must prevent it from spawning so they can trap it. To do this, they will need to build a platform around it using a solid block measuring 9×9 and place a light source all around the spawner on the platform.

To contain a flame generator, it must be kept in a glass containment chamber. Even the roof must be constructed from glass blocks. Players must build three blocks above and four blocks below where the spawner is and create a lava floor with a hole in the center below the spawner. The lava will be used to move the flames into the hole.

1/8 Farm without limits

Under the center hole, build a tube under the hole to catch the flames as they fall. They will be easy to destroy in this place. Players can also place a chest directly under the tube for easy loot collection.

Once they have created their own blaze farm, players can farm blaze stems until they are never needed again. Along with all the blaze rods, they will get a great XP boost.

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