How to Farm Unique Items in Minecraft Dungeons

Unique items are some of the most powerful and useful items in Minecraft Dungeons, and players creating a build they can rely on can significantly upgrade it after equipping a few unique pieces.

Obtaining these items can sometimes seem long and tedious, as they are not as likely to drop as other items due to their quality. However, there are solid farming methods that allow players of almost all skill levels to complete levels relatively quickly.

Since Minecraft Dungeons gear is based on using the RNG (random number generator), the more stages players complete, the more chance they will have of receiving unique items.

Minecraft Dungeons: Speeding up levels for unique farming

There are currently 52 unique melee weapons, 44 unique ranged weapons, 36 unique pieces of armor, and one unique artifact in Minecraft Dungeons (Image via Mojang)
There are currently 52 unique melee weapons, 44 unique ranged weapons, 36 unique pieces of armor, and one unique artifact in Minecraft Dungeons (Image via Mojang)

There are a few methods to farm unique items in Minecraft Dungeons, and one of the most effective and popular choices is to quickly speed up levels and defeat their bosses before diving back into the level as soon as possible.

Using gear like Ember Robes paired with artifacts like Boots of Swiftness and/or the Phantom Cloak can allow heroes to move incredibly quickly while also protecting them from damage in case they get stuck. Movement speed is key here, as players will want to spend as little time as possible fighting for this method to work in a fast fashion.

Once Minecraft Dungeons players have a move speed loadout that works best for them, they should select a level and difficulty that they are comfortable with. The higher the difficulty level, the more likely players will receive unique rewards for completing the level. Since levels in Minecraft Dungeons are essentially different each time they are played, there are no specific levels to complete.

However, if a player is looking for a particular unique item (e.g. Nightmare’s Bite), they will want to ensure that the base version of the desired item (in the case of Nightmare’s Bite, sickles) is part of the loot table of the level. This can be checked when selecting the level at the bottom of the difficulty selection menu.

Once in the level, it’s time to run like crazy. It is essential to quickly pass the opponents and reach the boss as soon as possible so as not to waste time. Once the Minecraft Dungeons heroes reach the boss, they will need to defeat it to complete the level, but the boss will drop a high quality item. If it’s not a unique item or the one a hero is looking for, they can flush and repeat the level until they get what they’re looking for.

There are also levels in particular in Minecraft Dungeons that have secret areas near Golden Chest locations due to how they sometimes randomly generate (Desert Temple, Arch Haven). These areas can be farmed directly by accessing the secret area, which sometimes, due to level generation, will form incredibly close to another high-quality loot chest. This can provide multiple high-quality drops at once, and players can return to camp afterward instead of facing the boss if they wish.

However, this tactic is based on RNG as well as level randomization, so like many methods there are no guarantees and repeated play is often required.

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