How to Find an Allay in Minecraft

One of the best aspects of Minecraft are the many adorable types of pet friends that players can recruit while playing. Players can choose from cats, dogs, foxes, axolotls, and more, with the new Allay mob being the final option.

The Allay is a passive flying mob chosen by the community by voting in the Minecraft 2021 Live Event. The little creature is part of from Minecraft Wild Update focused on expanding the wild features of the game. The Allay resembles the hostile Vex mob that is summoned by evoker’s attacks, but unlike the Vex, they are friendly, helpful, and kind to people. players.

Screenshot via Mojang

Allays also has useful functions that can help players in their Minecraft shipments. The Allay will wander aimlessly until players give it an item, at which point it will start searching for more of that item and then bring it back to players. This means that the Allay is essentially a treasure-seeking mob that players can take advantage of as both a fun friend and a useful ally.

The little flying creature only has 20 HP but luckily its owners cannot harm it once players give it an item for the first time. They can be damaged by other mobs, so players should be careful and keep an eye out for their precious friend, but Allays also regenerate two HP per second when damaged, making them easier to keep alive. than most other crowds.

Where to find an Allay in Minecraft

Allays can only be found in two locations since its introduction in the Wild update. These locations are looter outposts and woodland mansions. Players can also use creative mode to instantly spawn in Allay with the Allay spawn egg, as is the case with all Minecraft freak.

Raider Outposts

Screenshot via Mojang

In the vicinity of looter outposts, there are often dark oak cages among other possible structures like small tents or scarecrows. These cages were previously either empty or housed a captured iron golem. But now they can also contain one to three Allay.

Woodland Mansions

Screenshot via Mojang

Allais can also be found inside dangerous and rare woodland mansions. One to three Allays can spawn in each Jail Cell in a Woodland Mansion.

If there are multiple cells, there could be more than the three possible Allays since for each cell one to three may appear. Dungeon rooms located in Woodland Mansions usually have more than one prison cell, making them a great place to find multiple allays at once. But since Woodland Mansions are extremely rare, it can be difficult to find one.