How to Find Lapis Lazuli in Minecraft Bedrock (2022)

The recent Minecraft 1.18 update completely changed where a lot of ores spawn. They are found much deeper, since the caves can now descend a whole chunk lower.

Lapis Lazuli remains an extremely useful resource to have. It’s used to craft blue dye (but it’s not the only source) and enchant books and items. Finding Lapis Lazuli is incredibly important, so here’s how to do it.

Finding Lapis Lazuli after the recent Minecraft 1.18 update

Lapus Lazuli is found underground. It is marked by its dark blue color, which is often confused with the brilliant cyan color of diamond ore. It usually spawns in a group of two or three blocks, but may have more on occasion.

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After the 1.18 update, the world generation has completely changed. Now, Lapis Lazuli can spawn anywhere from level Y 64 to level Y -64. It is anywhere below sea level, making it fairly easy to find Lapis Lazuli when mining or exploring caves.

Many Minecraft players have found that it most often spawns at Y level 0, which is right in the middle of that range. Lapis lazuli is also found more frequently when not exposed to air. It can spawn in a cave and be seen without mining, but it’s much more common when covered in blocks.

This makes surface mining a great way to get Lapis Lazuli, either at Y level 0 or at another level if you’re looking for other resources at the same time. Many mining trips end with tons of each resource.

Surface mining is one of the best ways to get Lapis Lazuli (Image via Minecraft)
Surface mining is one of the best ways to get Lapis Lazuli (Image via Minecraft)

Luckily, it’s one of the easiest resources to accumulate. Minecraft players can mine a block of Lapis Lazuli ore and receive four to nine coins. If a “Looting III” pickaxe is used, players can mine up to 36 pieces of a single ore.

The lapis lazuli can then be used for enchantment and 1-3 pieces will be used in an enchantment table. It can be for books or for an item, but will spend Lapis Lazuli no matter what.

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