How to Get a Diamond Sword in Minecraft Dungeons

Diamond swords are beloved weapons in the original Minecraft, so it only made sense that they would appear in the Minecraft Dungeons dungeon crawling spinoff.

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Obtaining a Diamond Sword isn’t too difficult in Minecraft Dungeons, as its rarity pales in comparison to many solid enough endgame pieces of gear that are more useful in battle.

Anyway, Diamond Swords are considered a unique item in Minecraft Dungeons and have a base power of 5.8, speed of 3.3, and area coverage of 3.1. This makes the Diamond Sword a slower weapon, although its damage compensates for its slow attack speed.

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Minecraft Dungeons: Get a Diamond Sword

An early game build with a Diamond Sword as a melee weapon (Image via Mojang/Reddit user Spiderguy20)
An early game build with a Diamond Sword as a melee weapon (Image via Mojang/Reddit user Spiderguy20)

Players can expect to find a Diamond Sword as loot in the following Minecraft Dungeons levels on occasion:

  • creeper wood
  • spooky crypt
  • pumpkin pastures
  • Nether Waste

In addition to being found as loot at these levels, Diamond Swords can also be purchased through Luxury and Piglin merchants. The Luxury Vendor becomes available in the Hero Camp after being rescued from Cacti Canyon and sells unique items similar to boss loot.

The Piglin Merchant trades gold (as opposed to emeralds) for quality golden gear and spawns next to a hero’s nether portal in their camp after successfully obtaining at least one gold coin from a old hunt.

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As for Ancient Hunts, Minecraft Dungeons players can also obtain a Diamond Sword after defeating the Grim Guardian in an Ancient Hunt.

This mob is an older variant of a zombie and has at least the Echo, Protection, Swift, and Radiance enchantments. The mob is also accompanied by a detachment of six necromancers capable of healing nearby hostile mobs, including the Grim Guardian itself.

Not only will the mob drop a diamond sword, but due to the nature of ancient hunts, if a diamond sword Is (other items such as Wither Armor and Titan Shroud may also drop) it will be gold quality.

While Minecraft’s Shrill Dungeons probably already have a better weapon, a Diamond Sword can act as a decent melee weapon in the early stages of the game before more powerful gear is purchased.

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