How to Get a Saddle in Minecraft 1.19 Update

Saddles are an interesting Minecraft item. They’ve been in Minecraft since beta and don’t have a crafting recipe, although the community has been asking for one for over a decade. Although no recipes were ever added, there have been new ways to find them added over the years.

Saddles allow players to control horses and ride walkers and pigs, with the former two being much more useful than the latter. This means that saddles are very important for survival worlds.

Ways to get saddles in Minecraft 1.19

Structure Loot

A spider dungeon, one of many structures that can have saddles (Image via Minecraft)
A spider dungeon, one of many structures that can have saddles (Image via Minecraft)

For each of the structures below, the chest that can hold a saddle will be listed, along with the percentage chance of finding the saddle on the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.


Dungeon chests have a chance to have a saddle. The chance is 27.9% on Java Edition and 28.3% on Bedrock Edition.

ancient cities

The newest structure, Ancient Cities, has chests with a 16.1% chance of being saddled on the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.


Hoglin Stable Chests, found in Strongholds, have a chance of containing a single Saddle inside. The chance is 13.6% for the Java and Bedrock editions of Minecraft.

desert temples

Another structure that has the same chance of containing saddles in both versions of the game is Desert Temples. There is a 23.5% chance that Desert Temples will contain a Saddle.

End cities

End cities can contain multiple chests within them. They have a 13.3% chance of having a saddle for the Java and Bedrock editions of the game.

jungle temples

Jungle temples are one of the hardest structures to find in the game due to the overgrown jungle vegetation. However, for those who find them, there is a 12.9% or 12.8% chance of finding a saddle with them on the Java and Bedrock editions, respectively.

Nether Fortresses

Nether Fortresses are a super important structure due to the housing fire and nether wart. And for intrepid explorers who ride one, there’s a 35.3% chance they’ll also find a saddle to take home. This chance is the same on both versions of the game.


Altar Chests, found in Fortresses, can hold a single Saddle at the lowest rate of any structure that can hold Saddles. The chance is 2.5% for Java Edition and 2.4% for Bedrock Edition.


There are three different chests that can be found in villages with a chance of containing saddles inside. The first chest is an armorer’s chest, with a 16.2% chance of having a saddle. The second is a Leatherworker’s Chest, which has a slightly higher chance of 17.3%. The weakest chest is a Savannah House Chest, which has an 11.3% chance of having a Saddle.

Loot from the mob

A Ravager, who will always drop a saddle when killed (Image via Minecraft)
A Ravager, who will always drop a saddle when killed (Image via Minecraft)

There is another type of loot that can allow players to obtain Saddles: Crowd Loot.

Walkers, found in the Nether, can spawn with a pig riding them. In this case, they will have a saddle on them. They are guaranteed to drop the saddle, if they die. Looting does not affect this loot.

Ravagers, found with illagers in raids, will always spawn with a saddle, which they are guaranteed to drop on death. As with walkers, this loot is unaffected by the plunder enchantment.

While it doesn’t help players get their first saddle, any mob players put a saddle on is guaranteed to drop the saddle on death. This means that players can move saddles between monsters without risking losing them.


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Fishing is a great way to get some very unusual items. Since there is a chance for a fishing rod to catch fish, trash, or treasure, players can get some very interesting items in the water. For example, players can fish for things like water bottles, hooks, enchanted books, fishing rods, bows, or even saddles.

While the Saddle only has a 0.8% chance of being fished with a normal unenchanted Fishing Rod, the Luck of the Sea Enchantment will increase players’ chances of getting a catch from the table at the treasure, where the saddle is.


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The final way for players to access saddles is through villager trading. However, this method is less reliable on Bedrock Edition.

In order for players to obtain saddles through villager trade, there will need to be a leatherworker villager who uses the cauldron as a workplace. Each time a leatherworker reaches their master level, they will have a profession in which they will sell a saddle for six emeralds. Bedrock Edition players only get this trade 50% of the time, while Java Edition players get access to it 100% of the time.

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