How to Get an Iron Golem in Minecraft Dungeons

There are many battle pets in Minecraft Dungeons, including wolves, llamas, and even iron golems, which help heroes deal with hordes of enemy mobs present on a level.

For Minecraft Dungeons players hoping to catch their own iron golem, they’ll need the artifact known as the Golem Kit. Once found, the game’s RNG (random number generator) will award a set amount of summon damage. So the artifact will always have a 30 second cooldown after use.

When used, the kit will summon an iron golem that will follow players around until hostile mobs approach. He will then attack them directly and inflict significant damage.

Minecraft Dungeons: Find a Golem Kit

A wolf and an iron golem accompanying a hero through a level (Image via Mojang)
A wolf and an iron golem accompanying a hero through a level (Image via Mojang)

While the Golem Kit can be a common to rare quality artifact, finding it can be easier said than done in Minecraft Dungeons, especially for players who may not know where to look.

There are three main tiers known to drop the Artifact, though players will need to complete them on Apocalypse difficulty for the game’s RNG to consider the Golem Kit in its loot table. The levels in which they can find the Golem kit can be found below:

  • pumpkin pastures
  • Settlement lost
  • ??? (Secret cow/mushroom level)

In addition to tackling the levels listed, Minecraft Dungeons players may get lucky if they’ve unlocked the correct merchants for their camp. Thanks to the changing inventories of Mystery, Village, and Luxury Merchants, players can occasionally purchase a Golem kit directly or pick it up from a loot box.

As RNG also dictates merchant stocks to some extent, there is no guarantee that the kit will be available at any given time. However, it’s worth considering if leveling up isn’t doing the trick.

Dedication is key here, as the nature of Minecraft Dungeons loot is largely similar to other dungeon crawlers such as Diablo, Path of Exile, or Torchlight. Going through the described levels on Apocalypse difficulty, defeating enemies and looting chests as you go can culminate in the coveted Golem Kit.

If all else fails, unlocking and verifying merchants can be useful as a stop-gap option when jumping between enemy-filled dungeons.

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