How to Get and Use a Saddle in Minecraft

A saddle may seem like a simple item, but it’s an incredibly valuable item in Minecraft. Here’s how to use a saddle in the popular game.

The world of Minecraft is absolutely huge. Even a small home base can last a long time and exploring the rest of the continent can take hours. Moving costs stamina or time, but there is a third way to speed up travel. Saddles allow players to ride animals over great distances, preserving their own stamina and food.

Unfortunately for players, there is no way to craft or craft a saddle in Minecraft. They must be found or looted by various means. There are four main ways to get a saddle.

The first is to find a saddle in the chests of the world. Saddles have a small chance of dropping in dungeons, strongholds, temples, fortresses, or in village chests. Nether Fortresses have the highest chance of spawning saddles at 35.3%. Exploring the world on foot and finding structures that can hold saddles is the most common way to get a saddle in Minecraft.

If all that walking sounds tiring, the next way is to loot a saddle from an enemy. Village Raiding Ravagers have an 8.5% chance to drop a saddle. Enchanting a Minecraft Sword with Plunder will increase the chance of a Ravager dropping a Saddle. Walkers carrying pigs have a 100% chance of dropping their saddle on death. Just make sure he doesn’t fall into the lava when he falls.

If you’re really desperate, there are two other ways to get one. The first is to fish. Each successful throw has less than 1% chance of catching a saddle. If you have a Master Level Leatherworker, you can trade six Emeralds for a Saddle. These two methods are the least efficient ways to get a saddle in Minecraft, but they are at least one possibility of getting one.

What animals can use a saddle in Minecraft?

The most obvious animal to put on a saddle on is the horse. Horses are valuable in Minecraft for their speed and durability. They are the best animals for crossing long distances, but not all horses have the same value. Horses have varying top speeds and durability, so collect a few and experiment to see which is best. Taming horses can be quite a process, but the end result is so worth it.

Horse cousins ​​can also equip a saddle. Donkeys and mules both need a saddle to ride. These beasts of burden can equip chests, but they move much slower than horses. They also require a similar taming process. If you’re looking to move your base around, a saddled donkey or mule is a great way to haul a ton of stuff quickly.

Finally, two creatures can equip a saddle but require additional work to turn into mounts. Hogs and Striders can be ridden in both the Overworld and the Netherworld. A saddled pig will walk around, but you can lead it with a carrot on a stick. A walker needs a warped mushroom on a stick instead. Nether walkers can navigate lava, which is especially useful for navigating the underworld of Minecraft. If you want to get your saddle back after the ride, you’ll need to put your new friend down.