How to Get Emerald Armor in Minecraft Dungeons

Emerald Armor is something Minecraft players have been asking for for a long time, but they’ll have to head to Minecraft Dungeons to get it. Emeralds don’t have a ton of uses in Minecraft because they’re only used for in-game currency. They can get really good items and are useful, but they can’t be crafted into anything. Emerald Armor was the most requested addition for them, so Mojang added it for Minecraft Dungeons.

This is common or rare armor in Minecraft Dungeons and is now officially known as Emerald Gear. Even though it’s common and rare, it’s quite sought after, so here’s how players can get it.

Emerald Gear in Minecraft Dungeons: A Complete Guide

The following tiers can drop Emerald Gear in loot:

  • Sanctuary of Storms
  • Colossal Bulwark (Adventure)
Gale Sanctum is one of two levels that will drop Emerald Gear (Image via Mojang)
Gale Sanctum is one of two levels that will drop Emerald Gear (Image via Mojang)

It can be purchased from the Village Merchant, Luxury Merchant, and Mystery Merchant for, ironically, Emeralds. It can also be purchased from the Piglin merchant for gold. Only one Ancient Hunt currently has Emerald gear in its loot pool: the Windbeard.

It’s not a unique armor in Minecraft Dungeons (it has two unique variants), but it does have several abilities:

  • Improved health
  • Chance to spawn emeralds when exploring
  • +25% melee attack speed

By using this armor set, players will be able to acquire more emeralds, which is useful for buying better items and progressing in the game. However, since it is only available in two levels, it is quite rare and not easy to find.

He can reach Power Level 121, giving him 9,540 health, so he can be useful for more than just increasing emerald totals. The initial in-game description of this item read, “You’ll be the belle of the ball in this shimmering, emerald-encrusted armor.”

Now after an update it has been changed to “When you wear the emerald armor during your adventures, it calls you other emeralds as if by chance.”

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