How to Get Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons

Emeralds are an important item in Minecraft Dungeons. They have many uses and can be acquired quite easily. Most Minecraft Dungeons players will be able to acquire them passively throughout the game, but there are ways to get them faster and more efficiently.

Emeralds are the main in-game currency, but they cannot be purchased with real money. They can only be acquired by playing. Here are all the ways to do it.

I used to play minecraft dungeons with my kids and because even writers with advanced degrees slip into childhood verbal habits, I sometimes casually said “those emeralds” and my 10 year old very patiently explained “it’s THESE emeralds”

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Getting Emeralds in Minecraft Dungeons

Emeralds can be acquired in several different ways. They’re pretty common, but they’re also very useful, so players want to find as many as they can.

Players can find emerald chests located around the camp between each mission, each containing 50 emeralds. These will be hidden, however, but well worth the effort to find.

Players can also (sometimes) get emeralds by killing enemies, although this isn’t as common. Players also get emeralds when they collect pieces of armor, weapons, etc., which is arguably the best use of older, unused items. Ancient hunts use similar items, but getting Emeralds is much safer.

Additionally, players can replay missions over and over again to farm emeralds. This can be done on any difficulty. This is the best way to accumulate a lot of Emeralds quickly.

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Emeralds are fairly easy to find, but have extreme value to the player.  Picture via Minecraft
Emeralds are fairly easy to find, but have extreme value to the player. Picture via Minecraft

Emeralds have a ton of uses, but just like in Minecraft, their primary use is as in-game currency. They can be used in camp to purchase any of the following items:

  • luxury merchant
  • village merchant
  • Mystery Merchant

Draped in finery and exuding opulence, the luxury merchant sells only the rarest goods. Going through this shop is guaranteed to increase your power, but empty your wallet of emeralds!

They can also be used to gift items to other players with the Gift Wrap. Upgrading items with the blacksmith is also possible with emeralds.

Perhaps their most useful use is that they can be used to save the player from death with the Death Barter enchantment. This can give the player brief immunity in the form of the Emerald Shield effect.

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