How to Get Enchantment Points in Minecraft Dungeons

The enchantment system in Minecraft Dungeons is a basic mechanism to increase a hero’s abilities and help build them beyond just acquiring the best gear. The whole system works primarily through enchantment points.

Earning enchantment points is one of the easiest processes in Minecraft Dungeons, as the points themselves are built into the leveling system. As you level up and progress through the game, heroes will naturally accumulate enchantment points which they can use for their constructions.

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This differs significantly from other dungeon crawlers, which tend to add level points in skills or stat boosts, as opposed to enchantments, which tend to rely on other systems in games. such as Diablo or Path of Exile.

Minecraft Dungeons: Using Enchantment Points and Recovering Them

Enchantment points can be earned by leveling up, but you don't have to accumulate them (Image via Mojang)
Enchantment points can be earned by leveling up, but you don’t have to accumulate them (Image via Mojang)

Leveling up in Minecraft Dungeons is a simple experience, just playing the game and defeating enemies while completing objectives will eventually bring the levels and enchantment points.

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Participating in things like Ancient Hunts and Daily Trials also improve hero speed. There are also a number of alleged farming methods for leveling up and earning enchantment points.

Simply playing Minecraft Dungeons at your own pace is usually enough for plenty of Enchantment Point rewards, and the longer you put in, the more rewards you’ll earn. This is a fundamental function of the dungeon crawler genre.

At one point per level, enchantment points can seem like a valuable commodity to hold onto in order to get the perfect enchantment for a player’s build. However, heroes experimenting with Minecraft Dungeons should feel free to lose their Enchantment Points, as they can easily be reacquired using the game’s salvage system.

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This mechanic allows heroes to break down old or unused gear to return any enchantment points that may have been invested in it. Since there is an enchantment point cap tied to the Minecraft Dungeons level cap, salvaging old gear is a must for those experimenting to create the best build that fits their playstyle.

Fortunately, compared to many other dungeon crawlers, Minecraft Dungeons offers a very forgiving experience and doesn’t penalize players for trying and unlocking different enchantments or ranking them up.

Many dungeon crawlers require much more elaborate processes that can be expensive to respec a character, which is a testament to the accessibility of Minecraft Dungeons. Minecraft is all about the imagination, and Dungeons keeps it flowing by encouraging players to spend points on any enchantment that interests them.

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