How to get enchantments without an enchantment table

You can turn everyday items into powerful magic items in Minecraft with enchantments. You can then use the magic items to level up and complete challenges. Examples of enchanted items include bows that can fire infinite arrows, a sword that can set enemies on fire, and unbreakable helmets. The normal way to enchant items is using an enchantment table, but did you know there are other ways to enchant items? In this guide, we are going to teach you how to get enchantments without an enchantment table in Minecraft.

Minecraft: How to get enchantments without an enchantment table

How to get enchantments without an enchantment table

There are several ways to enchant items without using an enchantment table. The first is to use an anvil via a method that associates an enchanted object with a book. An anvil can be used to combine two items as long as they are compatible – of the same type or material (e.g. two iron swords) or an item and a book with an applicable enchantment, e.g. a bow and a endlessly enchanted book. The process works by sacrificing one thing to improve the other.


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For this to work, place the target item in the first anvil slot and the sacrificed item in the second slot. If the two items are compatible, the output – the resulting enchanted item – will appear in the anvils output slot. This process will cost you experience points labeled “Enchanting Cost”. To complete the enchantment, remove the enchanted item from the exit slot.

Players can also obtain enchanted items through the following other methods:

  • By trading with a villager (Emeralds for enchanted items)
  • By fishing. You can “catch” an enchanted item.
  • If you kill a zombie, drowned, skeleton, withered skeleton, zombified piglin, shell or roam if they have enchanted items.
  • You can find enchanted items in treasure chests in places like ancient cities, shipwrecks, mine shafts, dungeons, jungle temples, desert temples, woodland mansions, ocean ruins, remnants of bastions, ruined portals and late cities.
  • By beating with Piglins. When you give them gold, they may drop an enchanted book or something else.
  • By killing looters and informants in raids.

Finally, server operators and players in single-player worlds can also enchant items using special commands. These commands include /enchant and the /give command, which has a maximum enchantment level of 255. Enchanting is also possible in creative mode where items are enchanted using an anvil and enchanted books.

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