How to Get Food in Minecraft Dungeons

There are a plethora of healing items available in the action-RPG Minecraft Dungeons, and foods provide some of that healing in much the same way as in the original Minecraft.

Providing health regeneration over time (with sweet berries also granting speed and tropical fish restoring a player’s oxygen by 10%), the foods are admittedly not as good for healing as d. other sources, but they may be useful in a pinch.

In most situations, players will find food by defeating enemy mobs, killing animals, and looting chests within a given level. Certain levels provide different foods, and common enchantment food supplies will also spawn foods each time the player uses a healing potion.

Minecraft Dungeons: What are the best food items?

Food reserves will drop extra food for players (Image via Mojang)
Food reserves will drop extra food for players (Image via Mojang)

When selecting the right foods for healing in Minecraft Dungeons, it’s worth looking at how much healing each item does and how long regeneration stays active. Below, players can find a list of every food item in the game, including DLC ​​content, along with their healing stats and other potential benefits:

  • Apples – Restores 20% of a hero’s max HP over three seconds.
  • Bread – Restores 100% of a hero’s maximum health over 30 seconds.
  • pork ribs – Restores 50% of a hero’s maximum health over 10 seconds.
  • Melon – Restores 75% of a hero’s max HP over 15 seconds.
  • Cooked Salmon – Restores 35% of a player’s maximum health over eight seconds.
  • sweet berries – Regenerates 20% of a player’s maximum health for eight seconds and provides five seconds of Swiftness.
  • tropical fish – Regenerates 20% of a player’s health over two seconds and restores 10% of their total oxygen.
  • chorus fruit – Heals 30% of a player’s health in one second.

Looking at the overall stats for each food item in Minecraft Dungeons, top picks include Pork Chops, Bread, and Chorus Fruit.

Pork Chops work fairly quickly and restore half of a player’s total health, meaning two chops will heal them in a short amount of time. A piece of bread is enough to restore a player’s total health, but it will take a bit longer in 30 seconds.

Choir Fruits were introduced in the Echoing Void DLC, and although their regeneration time is short, they restore a third of a hero’s health, meaning a few Choir Fruits can quickly top up the health total of the player.

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