How to get repairs in Minecraft?

Repairing your tools in Minecraft can be expensive, especially if they’re enchanted. This is where mending comes into play.

Mending is one of the essential enchantments you can add to your tools and armor. He can repair tools using the XP you collect. However, since they are treasures, they are quite rare.

But do not worry; If you are new to repair, you can read the guide below to know what it is and how to get repair in Minecraft.

What does repair do in Minecraft?

Simply put, Mending is an enchantment item that you can equip with your tools and weapons. Once equipped, you can repair them by collecting XP.

Mending is an interesting mechanic in the game that allows you to use an item indefinitely. If you have Mending on your armor, it automatically repairs when you collect XP while wearing it. In the same way, if you hold your tools and weapons with repair in one of your hands while collecting XP, it will automatically restore full health.

Also, when an item with the repair enchantment is active, the XP you collect goes into the item and does not fill your XP bar.

To note: It’s best to remember that only items with the enchantment held in your hands or equipped in the armor slot are restored, not those in your inventory, even if they have the repair.

How to get repairs in Minecraft?

First, please note that you cannot get repairs using the enchantment table. Since it is a treasure, you can only get it by exploring, fishing and trading with a librarian villager.


You can get enchanted books with repair in several places. Whether you come across a dungeon (spawner) or the jungle temple, you might find the repair book in a chest within those structures.

Here is a list of places you can explore and repair:

  • mine shafts
  • Dungeons (spawners)
  • jungle temples
  • desert temples
  • Raider Outposts
  • underwater ruins
  • Arrival city

Although the above locations offer you a repair, the odds are low. Therefore, you need to do some leg work.


Surprisingly, you can also repair yourself by fishing. You can enchant fishing rods, use an anvil to combine them, and start fishing. It is important to note that you must fish in an open area with air or water blocks. These blocks must be at least eight blocks wide and deep.


However, fishing can be a tedious task, especially if you don’t get the item you need the first few times. But patience is the key. With an enchanting fishing rod, you might be able to repair sooner than you think.

Trade with a villager

You can also get Mending by trading it for emeralds with a villager, a librarian to be precise. You can identify the Librarian by the white and red robe he wears, as well as a pair of glasses.


Even if you can’t find one, you can change the villager’s profession and turn him into a librarian.

You can follow the following steps to do so.

  1. Make a desk using a bookcase and four wooden slabs. You can look at the image below for the recipe.
  2. Go to an unemployed villager in the village and separate him from the other villagers. For example, you can make a wall around the villager so that he doesn’t escape.
  3. Place a bed and a desk next to the villager and wait for him to turn into a librarian.

Now you have the librarian; you can use the following method to find and trade repairs with them.

  1. Right click on the librarian and open the trading GUI.
  2. Check if the list on the left contains a enchanted book with Mending. If so, you can exchange it for emeralds. But if not, you can reset librarian breaking the librarian
  3. Wait until the villager is unemployed again.
  4. Then place the lectern near him and wait for him to turn into a librarian.
  5. After that, check if they have the repair enchantment. If not, you can keep resetting the Librarian until you get the fix.

The Librarian does not need to level up to trade with you.

Repair trade with the villager can cost you a lot of emeralds, especially if you keep trading. Fortunately, there is a trick to reduce the cost.

If you find a zombie villager, you can first use the potion of weakness on it and give it a Enchanted Golden Apple. This will heal the zombie villager back to normal. You can then assign it as a Librarian and the repair cost will be reduced to one emerald.

How do I enchant items with repair?

Unlike regular enchantments, Mending is a treasure enchantment, and you cannot obtain it through the enchantment table. Therefore, you must use an anvil to add it to your articles. To do this, you can follow these steps:

  1. Open your the anvil GUI. If you don’t have an anvil, you can craft it using three iron blocks and an iron ingot.
  2. Place item you need Mending on the left side and the repair book between. It is best to remember that nothing will result if you place them use
  3. Make sure you have enough experience points to cover the cost of adding the enchantment.
  4. Take the item from the right side, and it will have Mending inside.

On which items can I add a repair?

Since Mending is an important enchantment, you can use it on any tools and weapons you use. You can also add repair to armor.

Additionally, Elytra is compatible with Mending. It’s best to equip Mending in Elytra as soon as you get it. This will reduce the risk of breaking the elytron.

repair armor

Similarly, Mending is also compatible with the Unbreakable enchantment. When you combine them, it gives you a nearly indestructible item.

The repair is not compatible with the Infinity enchantment for the bow. This means you can either enchant the bow with Infinity or repair only.


Is mending a level 30 enchantment?

The repair may seem to require the enchantment table to be at level 30, the highest level. But that is not possible. Therefore, it does not fall under this rule and is considered enchanted treasure.

Is Netherite compatible with the repair?

Yes, netherite tools and armor can equip Mending. However, it takes a lot of work to find Ancient Debris and turn it into Netherite Ingots to craft into tools and armor.