How to Get Skins for Minecraft Bedrock and Java Edition in 2022

Wearing a skin in Minecraft is one of the surest ways for players to express themselves. To that end, the game’s community has created a virtually endless collection of skins for players to equip and show off.

The process of changing skins in Minecraft may be slightly different, depending on the edition of the game being played. Additionally, some versions of the game have different types of access to skins.

Luckily, if a player wants to change their skin in the Java or Bedrock editions, they have enough tools to do so.

Installation is a little different for each platform, but the process shouldn’t be difficult for most gamers.

Players can find the Minecraft skins they like from many sources, depending on the version of the game

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Before installing a skin, it goes without saying that players will need to find the one they like. The good news is that the internet is full of skin options created by other gamers, and many websites even offer the ability to create one.

Bedrock Edition players also have access to the Minecraft Marketplace, which offers free and paid skins through Mojang’s Minecoin currency.

Steps to install a skin in Java Edition

The Skindex is one of the best skin aggregators for the Minecraft community (Image via The Skindex)
The Skindex is one of the best skin aggregators for the Minecraft community (Image via The Skindex)
  1. Find a skin you like and download its image file. Some excellent skin download sites include The Skindex ( or NameMC (
  2. Once you’ve uploaded your skin’s image file (it’s usually in .PNG format), head over to and log in to your account.
  3. Under the image labeled for Java Edition, click the link to change your skin.
  4. Select the template you want your skin to use and upload the .PNG file by pressing the “Select File” button.
  5. Your skin should update automatically, although it may take a few moments if you’re currently in-game.

Steps to Install a Custom Skin in Bedrock Edition

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  1. Download your skin from a reputable site just like you would in Java Edition.
  2. Open Bedrock Edition and select the “Dressing Room” button.
  3. Access an unused skin. The icon should have a plus symbol on it. Click on this symbol and select “Create character”.
  4. In the left sidebar, select the green icon that shows a hanger. This will take you to the skin selection screen. Under “Owned Appearances”, select the grayed out skin.
  5. Tap “Choose New Skin” in the lower right corner. Select your skin’s .PNG file. You can now use this skin in-game. Keep in mind that Bedrock console players may not have access to this feature.

Steps to download and install a skin from Minecraft Marketplace

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  1. Open Bedrock Edition and select “Marketplace” from the main menu.
  2. Once the market is open and loaded, click on the “Skin Packs” button. You can also search for a specific skin by using the search function and clicking on the spyglass icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Click on the thumbnail of a skin pack you want to download. This will take you to the pack page. Press the Minecoin button or the one below that allows direct downloading using real world currency. If the pack is free, just click the “Download” button.
  4. Return to the main menu and open the dressing function. Import the skin by selecting the character model with the plus icon and clicking “Create Classic Skin”.
  5. Scroll the scroll bar on the left side of the screen until you find the skin you want and click on it. Your skin is now ready to use. Get out of the closet and enjoy.

Sadly, Bedrock users on consoles likely don’t have the ability to download custom skins, meaning the marketplace is their only source for downloading skins. Maybe that will change in the future if Mojang makes some adjustments, but the market still has a ton of great skins to use to bring out your personal flair.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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