How to Get the Blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons heroes can’t get far without the skills of the Blacksmith, who is able to upgrade a hero’s gear for a cost in Emeralds.

However, before the heroes can use the skills of the blacksmith in Minecraft Dungeons, they will need to free it to unlock it for their camp. This is usually done by playing through the game’s story for the first time, but new players may not be aware of the various camp merchants and NPCs and how to unlock them.

Given the growing popularity of Minecraft Dungeons due to recent developments, such as the Ultimate Edition of the game and the inclusion of seasonal adventures such as Cloudy Climb, it’s worth revisiting how to unlock NPCs from base like the blacksmith.

Minecraft Dungeons: Unlock the blacksmith

The blacksmith at his forge in a player's camp (Image via Mojang)
The blacksmith at his forge in a player’s camp (Image via Mojang)

In order to get the blacksmith for their camp in Minecraft Dungeons, players will need to have access to Redstone Mines, the game’s fifth level – if played in order. In this area, players can find the blacksmith with his mask over his face, imprisoned by the Arch-Illager’s evil followers. However, there is no set location to find the blacksmith in the level, as the stages in Minecraft Dungeons are randomly distributed.

Make sure to comb the redstone mines area well and finding the blacksmith shouldn’t be difficult at all. Once released, it will be unlocked for the player in their camp and will begin dispensing its upgrade service to players who have the emeralds to pay for them. After all, the world of Minecraft Dungeons is tough and an honest NPC has to get through it.

Prior to the Creeping Winter update, the blacksmith originally sold random weapon and armor sets close to their power level for a sum of emeralds. Blacksmith was previously earned by clearing the Creeper Woods level. After the Creeping Winter update, the blacksmith was reworked to upgrade gear, and his ability to sell random gear was moved to the mystery shop.

Since its revamp, the Blacksmith has remained the source of item upgrades in Minecraft Dungeons. While earning better and better items is an important part of the game, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to upgrade existing gear a player already has.

Edited by Mason J. Schneider

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