How to get the hero cape in Minecraft Dungeons

With cosmetic items equipped on a hero’s back as they work their way through Minecraft Dungeons, capes are a nice aesthetic flair to have. They are obtained either through DLC downloads or by participating in events, and this also applies to the famous Hero Cape.

The hero cape was originally designed as a red cape with a gold border at the bottom, but has since been overhauled by adding the Minecraft Dungeons logo to the center of the cape as of update Since then, the original Hero Cape has been renamed Red Royal Cape in the game files. However, the current Hero Cape is still accessible, but will require the purchase of some DLC in order to unlock it as a cosmetic option.

Minecraft Dungeons: Obtain the hero cape

A hero wearing the hero cape as well as the baby chicken (Image via Mojang).
A hero wearing the hero cape as well as the baby chicken (Image via Mojang).

When it comes to getting the hero cape in Minecraft Dungeons, players originally had to download the game’s Hero Pass DLC or the Hero Edition of the game itself. This would allow them to use the Hero Cape and Baby Chicken cosmetics when traveling through the game world. However, both of these options have since been discontinued by Mojang.

More recently, Ultimate Edition, a new version of Minecraft Dungeons, contains all current DLC expansions as well as perks such as the Hero Cape originally contained in Hero Edition and Hero Pass.

For Minecraft Dungeons players who already have the game, the Ultimate DLC bundle is also available, unlocking all DLC content for players they didn’t have access to yet. It was a way to consolidate all of the content currently available in Minecraft Dungeons well into its game life before implementations such as Seasonal Adventures arrived.

As with many non-combat cosmetics and pets in Minecraft Dungeons, obtaining the Hero Cloak now requires players to purchase the Ultimate Edition or its DLC pack. According to Mojang’s official site for Minecraft Dungeons, the base price for the Ultimate Edition is currently $40, with the Ultimate DLC Bundle priced cheaper at $20 but not including the base game.

For new and existing players hoping to obtain the hero cape, they will need to purchase and download one of these options in order to unlock the cape as an available customization for their hero.

Edited by Sandeep Banerjee

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