How to get the Iceologer cape in Minecraft Dungeons

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  • How do I get the Iceologue cape?

To celebrate 15 million players, Mojang has launched a new winter event for Minecraft Dungeons appointed Frost Festival, which runs from February 8 to 22. The event, which features a slew of frosty thematic shifts, primarily focuses on Lap configurations and seasonal trials.

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While most of the event is themed, there are a few important changes and additions worth mentioning. The range of new and recurring challenges and the elusive Iceologer Cape reward are just a few of the notable mentions. This small but impactful update packs a punch, and it’s worth knowing how best to handle that impact.


What’s in the update?

For the most part, the update affects lap mode. The structure is outfitted with a new cold theme, and every monster roaming its halls is now covered in a neat new hide.

It’s not all about looks, however. Various hazards behave differently, and as a result, you may need to adjust your playstyle accordingly. Creeper blasts come with a freezing stingslowing your attacks for a brief period, and zombies now launch snow projectiles.

The icy exterior of the pitch can also prove very challenging. Slippery floors mean your attacks might not have the accuracy you initially hoped for and water now freezes you on contact. Be careful when fighting near puddles, as the oncoming onslaught might cause you to panic and accidentally fall.

Challenge Guide

The challenges and trials in this event are a mix of new and old additions. Chills and Thrills trials make a return, the most notable of which is the invisibility modifier. Other modifiers tend to affect how artifact and chest cooldowns work.

There is also a plethora of weekly challenges. Most of the current ones are tower-friendly, so it’s worth spending most of your time there if you want to sort through several quickly. However, a few require you to complete missions, so try out some of the daily trials help kill two birds with one stone.

These challenges and trials are no problem if you have the necessary equipment to support you, but still be careful on how you approach certain sections of the Trials since your playstyle will still need to acclimate to the change in gameplay.

How do I get the Iceologue cape?

All you have to do to get your hands on the Iceologer cape is log in during the event and you will receive it as a thank you from Mojang!

Other Patch Notes

Along with this event, a patch was also released, fixing various issues and adding quality control tweaks to facilitate new seasonal trials.

While most of them are your typical bug fixes reported by players after adding cloud risethere are a few notable mentions. The full patch notes are available here.

Notable Patch Notes

  • Players no longer need to own the Season 1 Adventure Pass to unlock Season 1 achievements on Steam.
  • PlayStation Network accounts can now earn Adventure Points on first boot.
  • Added a new mouse over sound effect to interactable objects in the world to improve accessibility.
  • Enchantments on tower starting gear now change with each new tower configuration.
  • The Uniquesmith now buffs the power level of a selected item to match the most powerful piece of gear in inventory.
  • Added missing item descriptions for golden versions of Nimble Turtle Armor, Sponge Striker, Encrusted Anchor, The Beginning and The End, Call of the Void, and Sturdy Shulker Armor.
  • The Growth enchantment now procs on explosive crossbows the same as other ranged weapons.
  • The Fuse Shot enchantment no longer generates on explosive crossbows. Verdant Robe, Moon Daggers, Soul Fists, and Soul Hunter Crossbow can now be spawned with Soul Enchantments.
  • The “All” tab of the inventory screen should now always be displayed first and sorted by most recently picked up items.

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