How to Get the “Sleeping with the Fishes” Achievement in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

There are many Minecraft achievements for Bedrock Edition players, some more difficult than others.

One achievement, “Sleep With the Fishes”, requires them to spend a day in the game underwater with no air. While this may seem considerably daunting, it can be achieved relatively easily using different structures that still fulfill the requirement of being underwater without requiring water breathing potions.

There are several methods to earn this achievement, each with their own requirements, but a quick and effective method is known as the “magma block column” which can knock out the day’s worth of waiting in no time.

Minecraft: Creating the Magma Block Column

To create the necessary column of Magma blocks, all players will need the following:

  • A block of magma
  • At least two buckets of water
  • Enough building blocks of any type to create a column one block wide and four blocks high.

All that is required for this particular method is to place the magma block in the ground, ideally where no flammable blocks are nearby. Then around where this 1×1 magma block is placed, create a column around the block that is four blocks high but still able to get the player inside.

Fill the chamber with water, making sure it is stable (like a source block) and not actively flowing. Then drop down to the bottom of the 1×1 chamber and seal the block above you like a roof. Then simply crouch on the magma block to avoid damage and wait 20 minutes to pass.

Bubble columns created from magma are just one method to pursue "Sleep With the Fishes"  (Image via Mojang).
Bubble columns created from magma are just one method to continue “Sleeping with the Fishes” (Image via Mojang).

Since 20 minutes is the Minecraft equivalent of a day of play, the achievement must be earned if the user has not activated their cheats.

It should be noted that for alternate methods involving this particular Minecraft achievement, Potions of Water Breathing will invalidate the progress of the achievement. This may somewhat conflict with the achievement/trophy description if players are playing on Xbox/PS4 versions of Minecraft.

One achievement simply says to stay underwater for a day, and another says to stay underwater with no air.

It can be confusing, but the magma block column will allow players to survive and technically stay underwater thanks to the bubbles created from the magma block interacting with a source water block.

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