How to get the X-ray texture pack in Minecraft Bedrock Edition (2022)

X-ray texture packs are one of the most useful Minecraft Bedrock Edition mods. There are all kinds of players around the world who play this game differently. Some want to challenge themselves and play with the utmost difficulty, while others are casuals who just want to have fun without draining their energy.

This texture pack is perfect for those who just want to play the game casually without working on it too much. Even though this mod may be illegal on some servers, players can use it freely in their personal worlds.

This basically helps to see through certain blocks and search for valuable ores faster. This also works for Nether and Ancient Debris.

Steps to Get X-ray Texture Pack for Minecraft Bedrock Edition (2022)

1) Download the pack from the site

First, players will need to find the right pack for their game. The Minecraft Bedrock Edition modding community is so large that players can get lost in a sea of ​​websites with the same texture pack. However, some may contain ads, viruses, or corrupted files, making it quite difficult to find one that works.

mod download page (Image via Sportskeeda)
mod download page (Image via Sportskeeda)

For X-ray texture pack, players can just go to this site and find a number of download links for different types of x-rays. On this page, they can just select the first one called “X-ray Texture Pack -ray” and click Download.

This will open another page where players have to wait 10 seconds for the download link to appear. Once the download button appears, just click on it to download the ‘.mcpack’ file.

2) Install and tweak the mod

Texture pack present in global resource settings (Image via Minecraft Bedrock Edition)
Texture pack present in global resource settings (Image via Minecraft Bedrock Edition)

If players have already installed the game, they can simply head to the folder where the pack was downloaded and open it. The pack icon will be from Minecraft, which means it will directly open the game.

The game will open normally and a message will appear stating that the pack was successfully imported. Once done, players can head to the settings and find the “global resources” option.

This is where they will find the new X-ray texture pack in the “inactive” menu. Simply enable it and enter its settings to change X-ray options.

X-Ray Adjustment (Image via Minecraft Bedrock Edition)
X-Ray Adjustment (Image via Minecraft Bedrock Edition)

Here players will find a slider. They can use it to select which blocks should be visible or invisible, depending on what they are looking for. It has all ore block options, including nether blocks and even obsidian. Make sure the soft lighting option in the video settings and any night vision effects are disabled for the mod to work normally.

3) What will the world look like?

In-game X-ray vision enabled (Image via Minecraft Bedrock Edition)
In-game X-ray vision enabled (Image via Minecraft Bedrock Edition)

Once players have set all the parameters, they can simply walk into a world and notice that some blocks are invisible. It will also allow them to see what is underground.

The only downside is that the blocks will be quite dark, as they are at light level 0. However, players will be able to find caves and dimly make out the ore blocks they need. The best way to see the blocks clearly is to go underwater, because the fog there kind of makes the blocks look a lot brighter.

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