How to Grow Cacti in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Minecraft is a game with no shortage of crops to grow, and the cactus is one of the easiest plants to grow.

In addition to causing damage and being used to ward off unwanted visitors, the cactus can also be used in Minecraft to create green dye. Smelting cacti can also bring a lot of experience to players, although Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players receive less. For players who want to grow cacti in large numbers, there are many models to achieve this.

These designs range from simple manual creations to fully automated agricultural machinery. For new players, it may be best to create a simple and practical cactus farm first.

Minecraft: Create a simple cactus farm

A basic manual cactus farm that prevents players from being damaged (Image via Mojang)
A basic manual cactus farm that prevents players from being damaged (Image via Mojang)

One of the easiest ways to grow cacti in Minecraft is to place the plants in rows on sand. Separate the cactus blocks from block to block, giving them room to grow and harvest. However, this method can be somewhat dangerous, as the design of the farm can cause a player to be bitten by plants. In reality, cacti are best staggered diagonally, leaving room to harvest without taking damage.

Players who want easier collection of their cacti can use water channels. These channels can transport broken cactus blocks to a place where they can easily be picked up. If Minecraft players want to go deeper, they can also place a hopper and a chest under the channel. This should allow cactus blocks to seep into a chest via water as a vector.

Minecraft players who want an automated experience can take their existing cactus farm and place a thin block above and around the cacti. Excellent block choices include fences, iron bars, and glass. By having room to grow upwards, but with blocks in a perimeter around the new vertical blocks, the blocks will break. Using blocks with a thin hitbox like fences, bars, etc., cactus blocks will likely fall into water where they can be collected automatically via a hopper.

Ultimately, the choice of farm comes down to player preference, but Minecraft players have no shortage of farm designs. Some players have created incredibly elaborate tower-shaped cactus farms to suit their needs, but these aren’t always necessary. If new to Minecraft players just want a few cacti blocks, they might want to refrain from having huge automated farms.

Edited by Mason J. Schneider

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