How to Install Addons in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Minecraft Bedrock Edition is one of the most popular versions of the game. In fact, the majority of the fan base has a Bedrock Edition. Although Bedrock does not have access to mods, they have several other types of add-ons.

Add-ons are used to customize the game and often make it much more fun. They are universal for Minecraft, as they are now available for all console, mobile and Windows players.

Here’s how to download and install them.

Downloading and Installing Minecraft Bedrock Edition Addons

Players can visit and access the official Minecraft website to find out what add-ons are available for them. They can start by selecting their Minecraft platform.

Add-ons can change a lot of things in the game (Image via Minecraft)
Add-ons can change a lot of things in the game (Image via Minecraft)

Here are the available platforms:

  • android
  • Windows 10
  • iPhone/iPad
  • Oculus Rift
  • VR equipment
  • Amazon

The instructions are mostly the same, but they vary a bit. For iPhone and iPad, here are the instructions:

  1. Open Minecraft.
  2. Click on the world or add-on file that needs to be opened.
  3. It will prompt players to open the file with Minecraft. Do this.
  4. Click Open in Minecraft. This will launch Minecraft with the chosen file.
  5. If you open a .McWorld that contains add-ons, the game will notify players that they have successfully imported the world. It will then be available from the “Play” menu of Minecraft.
  6. If you open a .McPack, a pop-up notification will notify players that they have successfully imported the pack. Depending on the pack type, this will then be available when editing worlds in the Behavior Pack tab or the Resource Pack tab.
  7. Play Minecraft on iPhone/iPad with the add-on selected.

I just finished a backpack model for an upcoming #Minecraft The Bedrock addon we will release for everyone to enjoy for free. More updates coming soon! Behaviors by @HSG_Dev & @MrMinechest Are there any other types of backpacks you would like to see? Tell me!

It’s pretty close to the instructions for other platforms as well.

Minecraft said this about add-ons:

“Now available on Mobile, Console and Windows: Add-ons are the first step in our journey to even greater levels of customization for all editions of Minecraft. They allow players to transform the look of their world and even modify the behavior of monsters. For example, you can modify the explosion radius of a creeper or the texture it carries.”

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