How to Install Minecraft Bedrock

While news about Minecraft’s next major update, 1.20, is incredibly sparse, the game has received some excellent quality of life updates. There have been many updates for 1.19, including a plethora of beta versions that are still released regularly.

The most recent of these beta versions is Bedrock Accessing these preview builds requires a few extra steps and can be done easily. Below are the methods to get this beta on all supported devices.

How to Download Minecraft Beta for All Devices

1) Go to the update page

The official Minecraft Bedrock page (Image via Mojang)
The official Minecraft Bedrock page (Image via Mojang)

You will first need to determine whether you want to download the preview or beta version of the game. To find out, go to the official beta page on the official Mojang site: https://feedback.minecraft .net/hc/en-us/articles/9329824511629

2) Use one of the two links

The Minecraft Beta webpage, one of two links found on page;  (Picture via Mojang)
The Minecraft Beta webpage, one of two links found on the page (Image via Mojang)

Two links can be found on the given overview page. One of these links applies to players on Xbox, Windows and iOS devices and is the link for MC Preview.

The other link is for MC Beta, which is only available on Android devices through the Google Play Store. The beta was previously available on other platforms, but has since been retired in favor of the Preview program.

You will need to use the link that applies to the platform your copy of the game is on.

3) Minecraft Preview (iOS, Windows, Xbox)

The official Minecraft Preview logo (Image via Mojang)
The official Minecraft Preview logo (Image via Mojang)

A few different platforms can use the Minecraft Preview version of beta builds. These platforms are iOS, Windows and Xbox. If you are on iOS Pocket Editionyou’ll need to follow the link on the preview page, which will take you to Apple’s trial flight for the game. While a limited number of seats are available in the trial flight, Mojang regularly opens new slots .

If you are a Windows player wishing to enable Preview, you will need to install Preview from the Xbox Store, which is available on Windows. However, if the Xbox Store isn’t working, you can use a direct link from the Preview page to the Microsoft Store. Windows drives with Game pass You can also find Preview in the Game Pass section of the Xbox app.

If you’re a Bedrock player on Xbox, the preview can be searched directly on the Xbox Store and can also be found in the Game Pass section if you have a Game Pass subscription.

For Bedrock players not on either of these platforms, preview builds are not available. However, Mojang is constantly working to expand the availability of the Preview program and may make it available soon.

4) Minecraft Beta (Android)

Android beta sign-up location (Image via Play Store)
Android beta sign-up location (Image via Play Store)

android players wishing to opt into beta versions of the game can follow a much simpler process. First, you need to load the Google Play Store and use the search bar to search for the game. Then click on the game to open its store page. From there, you need to scroll down until you see the option to sign up for the beta right on the store page.

Once this key is pressed, the beta version of the game should be downloaded and applied. Opting out of the beta program may take up to 24 hours to apply.

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