Minecraft servers provide the game with a great multiplayer option. Although there is multiplayer with friends, it’s usually about playing on a world with other people. Servers take it to the next level by giving players an online gaming experience and often something totally different from regular Minecraft.

Minecraft servers can offer PVP worlds, BedWars (arguably being the most popular server type), and other adventure worlds. Although they are often considered features of the Java edition, readers of the Bedrock edition also have access to them.

Here’s how to mount them.

minecraft manhunt halloween edition 5pm bst.. (open server) if you are going to play you must wear a halloween skin if you are not i will lock you in a bedrock room and play you scary skeletons scary loop

Join a Minecraft server on Bedrock Edition

Bedrock Edition covers most gaming platforms. Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, Pocket Edition, and even Windows 10 Edition come under the Bedrock umbrella, so it’s safe to say that Bedrock is quite popular.

Servers can be anything and players can join them and play the available game modes. There are several ways to do this.

For Minecraft Pocket Edition, players can have Pocket Edition installed on a supported platform and ready to play. While Pocket Edition does, Xbox, PlayStation, and Windows devices do not allow players to join servers with an IP address.

I miss the old days of Minecraft. I had the Xbox 1 edition and I remember playing the Battle, Tumble, and Glide minigames. I would make Xbox friends and then do “servers” with them. It’s still one of my favorite memories. That, or put those minigames on the Bedrock Edition.

For those who can, they can navigate to the Minecraft Bedrock “Servers” tab after clicking the play button. An internet connection will be required. There will be several different server options available, including an option to add one of the player’s own.

The Server tab has access to all server options in Minecraft Bedrock (Image via Minecraft)
The Server tab has access to all server options in Minecraft Bedrock (Image via Minecraft)

Players can also click the “Join Server” button and enter the information manually to join a particular one. For platforms that don’t allow it, they can still join servers.

These platforms will also have a “Server” tab that players can navigate to and join a server from there. The only downside is that they can’t find and grab their own servers via IP address. Otherwise, it’s still the same process and players can join their favorite bed wars or PVP world with ease.

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