How to Make a Rainbow Sheep in Minecraft

How to make a rainbow sheep in Minecraft? First, find a sheep and tag, name it Jeb_ and voila! You now have a colored sheep.

The Rainbow Sheep is an in-game easter egg inserted by one of the original Minecraft developers. Due to this easter egg, your tamed sheep’s color will continue to change from different tones of the color spectrum. Let’s see how you can take advantage of this bug.

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How to make a rainbow sheep in Minecraft?

Step 1 – Find and Tame a Sheep

You can find and tame sheep by visiting any forest biome. Alternatively, using cheats to summon sheep is also possible if you can’t find them. Cheating is /summon sheep [spawnPos]. After taming them, you will need to transfer them to your farm. To do this, use wheat to attract them; a boat can also be useful.

Step 2 – Find a Name Tag

This is the hardest and most crucial part of this guide. Finding a name tag will prove difficult but not impossible. You can find a name tag while fishing. Any fish has a 0.8% chance of being a beacon, while a Luck of the Sea enchantment will double that chance to 1.9%.

A level 6 Librarian can also give you a name tag, while looting chests in dungeons is also a useful way to acquire a name tag.

Step 3 – Make an Anvil

Now you will need to craft an anvil. You will need four iron ingots and 3 iron blocks. Place three iron blocks on the first three squares of the grid. Then place an ingot in the center followed by three ingots at the bottom and craft.

Step 4 – Create the Tag and Place it on the Sheep

Standing in front of the anvil opens a menu; place the tag on the left box before the plus sign and change the name to jeb_.(without the period). After taking the tag from your inventory, equip it in your right hand and right click on the sheep. Your sheep will now be able to change color.

Note: This has no particular advantages; it doesn’t give you rainbow wool. It’s purely aesthetic.

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