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FUT Champions is the most competitive Ultimate Team mode in FIFA 23, as the best players seek to compete for the game’s most valuable prizes. Here’s a breakdown of the FUT Champions format and the rewards up for grabs.

Players looking to build the best FIFA 23 Ultimate Team squads will want to test their skills by exploring the FUT Champions mode.

This year, players will earn more rewards than ever by playing Squad Battles, FUT Moments, and Division Rivals. However, the best rewards await players brave enough to take on FUT Champions in FIFA 23.

Let’s take a look at the FUT Champions format and rewards for each rank in FIFA 23.

FIFA 23 FUT Champions format explained

Although we don’t currently know the exact format of FUT Champions in FIFA 23, we can use the FIFA 22 format to explain what to expect. Since EA has made major changes to the format of FIFA 22, they are unlikely to make drastic changes to FUT Champions in FIFA 23.

EA decided to change the format, rankings and rewards after the release of FIFA 22, but we will base our estimate on the format at the start of FIFA 22.

Champions play-offs

FUT Champions is divided into two competitions: Champions Play-Offs and Champions Finals. Champions play-offs are basically qualifying matches that players must complete to advance to the champions finalwhich is the main competition of FUT Champions.

However, before you can access Champions Play-Offs matches, you must play Division Rivals to earn Champions qualifying points.

After earning enough points playing Division Rivals, you will automatically be entered into the Play-Offs. From this stage, you need 24 points to qualify for the champions final. Each win in the Champions Play-Offs will earn you four points, while a loss will result in one point.

In FIFA 22, players had ten games to earn 24 points and qualify for the Champions Final. Upon reaching this stage, you will earn a Finals Qualifier Token, which can be redeemed immediately or saved for another weekend, as well as rewards for completing the Play-Offs stage.

Champions Finals

The Champions Final is where the real grind begins. This competition takes place all weekend from Friday morning to Monday morning. Players will have 20 matches to earn as many points as possible with four points awarded for a win and one for a loss.

After 20 matches, each player will be placed on one of six leaderboards, which will determine the quality of your FUT Champions rewards.

We expect FIFA 23 to follow the FIFA 22 rule of being able to redeem rewards after all 20 matches have been completed or after the Champions Finals event has been completed.

Once we get our hands on FIFA 23, we’ll be sure to update this section with the exact details regarding the number of matches and points players need to qualify for FUT Champions. For now, the process should look like this:

  1. Play Division Rivals to earn Champions qualifying points
  2. Once you have obtained the required number of points, you will automatically be entered into the Play-Offs
  3. Play Play-Offs matches to earn enough points to qualify for the Champions Finals
  4. Play all your Champions Finals matches to earn maximum points
  5. Redeem FUT Champions rewards based on your rank

FIFA 23 FUT Champions Weekend League Rankings and Expected Rewards

FUT Champions Rewards

Prediction of the champions final rankings

FIFA 22 allowed players to be placed in one of six ranks at launch, but EA later changed this to include ten ranks. We’ll have to wait and see what FIFA 23 offers at launch, but here’s what players can expect.

The full list of points required for each rank can be viewed below:

  • Rank 1 – 68 dots
  • Rank 2 – 56 dots
  • Rank 3 – 44 stitches
  • Rank 4 – 32 stitches
  • Rank 5 –20 points
  • Rank 6 – 8 dots

Champions Final Rewards Prediction

Rewards can only be claimed after all 20 matches in the finals have been completed. Coveted Player Picks will contain special FUT Champions versions or red versions of cards from the latest TOTW.

Here is the full list of FIFA 23 Champions Final rewards:

  • Rank 6 – 1 x Player Pick 1 of 3, 2 x Jumbo Premium Gold Pack, 1 x Prime Gold Players Pack and 5,000 coins
  • Rank 5 – 2 x Player Pick 1 of 3, 1 x Premium Gold Players Pack, 1 x Prime Gold Players Pack, 1x Jumbo Premium Gold pack and 10,000 coins
  • Rank 4 – 2 x Player Pick 1 of 4, 1 x Prime Gold Players Pack, 2 x Mega Pack and 15,000 coins
  • Rank 3 – 2 x Player Pick 1 of 4, 1 x Jumbo Rare Player Pack, 1 x TOTW Premium Pack and 35,000 Coins
  • Rank 2 – 3 x Player Pick 1 of 5, 1 x Mega Pack, 1 x Jumbo Rare Players Pack, 1 x Premium TOTW Pack and 60,000 coins
  • Rank 1 – 3 x Player Pick 1 of 5, 1 x Ultimate Pack, 2 x Premium TOTW Pack and 105,000 coins

We’ll be sure to provide accurate leaderboards and rewards for FUT Champions in FIFA 23 once the game is released.

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Image Credit: EA Sports