How to Make Concrete in Minecraft Bedrock and Java (2022)

The major problem with building a house in Minecraft or any other structure is the lack of blocks. Each structure needs a variety of blocks, and blocks of certain colors can be much harder to find than others. If that sounds like a relatable situation, you’ve come to the right place. We cover how to craft concrete in Minecraft in this guide, and you can get this building block in 16 unique colors. Also, the ingredients for making this block are easy to find. So, given enough time, concrete can easily become the only building material for your Minecraft house ideas. With that said, let’s dive into the process and find out how to craft concrete in Minecraft.

Making concrete in Minecraft (2022)

Even though it’s easy to craft, concrete has implemented some unique game mechanics, including colors and gravity. So we’ve split our guide into several sections to cover every detail of concrete. But you can use the table below to jump to its manufacturing process.

What is concrete in Minecraft

Similar to the real world, concrete is a building block in Minecraft. He has 16 color variants, just like wool, but concrete is not flammable. As for the colors, half of them are bright while the other half looks a bit dark. Such a unique range makes concrete the ideal building material for a variety of structures.

Compared to other building blocks, concrete has a cleaner and smoother texture. And since it is unaffected by the gravity of the game, you can also have concrete blocks floating in the air. But it also has a gravitational variation with a powdery look. More on that later.

Concrete colors in Minecraft

concrete colors
Same order as the list below (L to R)

You can make concrete blocks in the following colors using different dyes:

  • black concrete
  • red concrete
  • green concrete
  • brown concrete
  • blue concrete
  • purple concrete
  • Cyan concrete
  • Light gray concrete
  • Gray Concrete
  • pink concrete
  • lime concrete
  • yellow concrete
  • light blue concrete
  • magenta concrete
  • orange concrete
  • white concrete

Items you need to make concrete

To craft concrete in Minecraft, you must first craft concrete powder, which requires the following items:

  • Four gravel blocks
  • Four blocks of sand
  • A dye of the desired Color

You can find gravel and sand blocks around and on the surface of bodies of water. Rivers are the best place to find them. You don’t even need a tool to break them. During this time, any dye can be crafted by placing the corresponding item in the crafting area. You can use WikiMinecraft to find a complete list of dyes and their ingredients.

Minecraft Concrete Crafting Recipe

Once the concrete powder is ready, you can use water to turn it into a concrete block. Follow these steps to easily craft concrete in Minecraft:

1. First, open your workbench and place the dye in the first cell from the crafting area in the highest row. Then place two blocks of sand next to it. Then place two more sand blocks in the first two cells of the middle row, followed by a gravel block. Finally, fill the bottom row with gravel blocks to complete the recipe.

Concrete Powder Crafting Recipe

2. The recipe mentioned above will give you concrete powder. It is similar to concrete and is also a building block. But it is subject to the gravity of the game. So, unlike concrete, it will not remain floating in the air if there is no block underneath.

gravitational blocks

3. In order to convert concrete powder into concrete block, you need to put it in contact with water. You can place the block in water or pour water around a set of concrete powder blocks. Then, in a few seconds, all the concrete powder blocks will turn into concrete blocks. The change in texture is a clear indication of successful conversion.

Converting Powder Blocks to Regular Blocks

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need buckets of water to make concrete?

You can use a bucket of water or water blocks (any) to convert the concrete powder into concrete. But this process does not work with rain, cauldrons or water bottles.

Can you get concrete in Survival Minecraft?

You can easily craft concrete blocks, even in survival mode, using concrete powder. To make concrete powder, you need 3 ingredients, including four blocks of gravel, four blocks of sand, and a dye of the desired color. Then you can follow the crafting recipe from our guide to crafting concrete powder. When you place these blocks in water, they turn into concrete blocks with a change in texture.

When was concrete added to Minecraft?

Concrete was added to Minecraft in the 1.12 update.

How many colors does concrete have?

In Minecraft, concrete can have 16 traditional stain colors.

Make concrete and build houses in Minecraft

With this we have unlocked the power of all the blocks you need to have your base packed into a single block. With the knowledge of concrete making in Minecraft, you can save hours in the building process. The only less plentiful part of his recipe is the tincture. But if you know Minecraft biomes well, you can get plenty of dyes in no time. But if somehow even these 16 concrete colors aren’t enough, use the best Minecraft mods to expand the collection exponentially. However, if you’re someone looking for ideas to make the most of the limited supply, the best Minecraft adventure maps can give you plenty of creative ideas. That said, what’s your favorite color when it comes to Minecraft concrete blocks? Tell us in the comments below!