How to Play the Minecraft Dungeons Beta

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Microsoft has welcomed eager gamers into the Minecraft Dungeons beta, the first hands-on opportunity for its block-building franchise action role-playing game. Translating the endearing world of Minecraft into a Diablo-like formula, it features deep aerial combat and progression, without its building components. And ahead of the release of the next evolution of Minecraft on May 26, a closed beta is underway for select players.

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What is the Minecraft Dungeons Beta?

The ongoing Minecraft Dungeons closed beta offers a preview of the title, along with a small slice of the early hours. This includes gameplay fundamentals, such as early story levels, progression and loot systems, and some of the world to explore.

However, Minecraft developer Mojang warns that the invite-only beta serves primarily as a technical trial, intended to test online multiplayer, reflecting only a “small sample of content” planned for launch. It’s also limited to a handful of players, exclusive to Windows 10 PCs, and with no progression to the retail version.

We recently got our hands on the Dungeons beta, providing our first impressions and explaining how Minecraft translates to this new approach. It shows potential, attributed to robust underlying mechanics, with high hopes if the team lives up to expectations with a full experience.

How to Play the Minecraft Dungeons Beta

Minecraft DungeonsSource: Microsoft

Microsoft has received (and continues to accept) beta registrations for Minecraft Dungeons on PC, but with little guarantee of play. The beta is now underway, with a “limited” group of selected participants and codes distributed via email. Although slated to last several weeks, it doesn’t look like new players will be joining soon, if ever.

“Entrants were randomly selected from those who previously registered on,” details Mojang via its FAQ page. “Those chosen will have received an invitation to the email address used during registration. Additional participants will not be added to the closed beta at this time.”

But Minecraft Dungeons was recently delayed to May 26, 2020, which means an extra month before launch. And with registration still live through the Minecraft website, there’s always a chance for future testing. It’s a quick and free sign-up process that’s well worth it.

Updated April 3, 2020: It looks like new Minecraft Dungeons beta codes are coming out now. Check your inbox!

The Minecraft website handles registrations for the Minecraft Dungeons beta. The form requires players to use their Microsoft account while being over 18. The process also imposes your country and chosen platform, recommended as PC, given the current Windows 10 beta exclusivity. Although it seems unlikely, the quick process is worth it.

Every player who accesses the Minecraft Dungeons beta also receives three codes, providing instant access to their friends.

Microsoft hasn’t indicated that an open beta is in the works.

Minecraft Dungeons beta release date

Minecraft DungeonsSource: Microsoft

The first wave of Minecraft Dungeons invites was released on March 25, 2020, marking the start of the official beta period. With the promise to host beta testing for a “2-3 week period”, expect a shutdown in mid-April.

Minecraft Dungeons’ full release date is set for May 26, 2020, after a recent delay.

Pre-order Minecraft Dungeons to play in May

With Minecraft Dungeons now on track for May 26 and the beta limited to a small group of players, locking down your pre-order ensures you’re good to go for launch day. While no formal bonuses are given for early pre-orders, it does provide the option to pre-download the title, jumping in the second it’s available on Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs.

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Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft Dungeons

Minecraft and Diablo are an ideal couple

Minecraft Dungeons takes the best of Minecraft and Diablo and mixes them with a healthy dose of action RPG goodness. It’s gearing up for a May 26 launch and should be on your radar.

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