How to Save Worlds in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Sometimes Minecraft players need the ability to make a copy or “save” a given world for various reasons. They might transfer their world to a new device, or maybe they just want to copy a world before making changes to it, in case they make a mistake.

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For Minecraft: Bedrock Edition players, the process of saving a world is made incredibly easy and should only take a few moments. Once players have saved their world, they are free to do whatever they want with it and can even import the save to a server or domain if they wish. Anyway, players can find a quick guide to saving their world in Bedrock Edition below.

Minecraft: How to save a world in Bedrock Edition step by step

Minecraft Bedrock create/modify world menu (Image via Mojang)
Create/edit Minecraft Bedrock world menu (Image via Mojang)

It goes without saying that before Minecraft players can save any given world, they will first need to create one. It is also possible to save worlds obtained elsewhere such as the Minecraft Marketplace or from the World Export function via Realms.

As long as the world is accessible from a player’s game menu, they will still be able to save it. Also, once the savegame is created, it will be accessible from the playback menu like any other world, providing easy access.

How to Backup Your Bedrock Edition World

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  1. Open the game and click on the play button in the main menu.
  2. By default, players will be taken to their global roster. Find the world you want to save and click the pencil icon next to the world name.
  3. In the world settings menu, scroll the right window all the way to the bottom. Here, players should find several buttons, including export, copy, and delete world buttons.
  4. If players want to create a standard save game to use in the current game, just click the Copy World button. This will create a localized copy that players can access alongside the main world.
  5. If players need their world transferred to another device, select Export World. This will convert the world to an .MCworld file which can then be transferred to another device running Bedrock Edition.

However, it should be noted that the console version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition does not contain the export world feature. This is because most consoles don’t allow file browsers on their hardware, so players would have no way to export the file and then move it around.

Players who have home-brewed their console may be able to manipulate game files and can save the world manually, but home-brewing tends to be against console manufacturer policy and will void its guarantee.

If players have a .MCworld file they would like to transfer, it should be placed in a trusted location. In the next step, open the game, press the play button and select Import world. Players should then be able to navigate to the location of the .MCworld file and import the world onto a new device.

For detailed guides, walkthroughs, tips and more, check out Minecraft Wiki

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