How to Solve Soggy Cave Puzzles

soggy cave is a secret level in Minecraft Dungeons that players can find by exploring Soggy marsh. In Soggy Cave, there are puzzles that you must solve to advance.

these the puzzles are random slightly each time you play the mission, which makes difficult to find a definite model. However, there are similarities that will help you complete the level. Here’s how to solve the puzzles in Soggy Cave.

Updated on February 25, 2022 By William Quick: Although Minecraft is full of randomly generated worlds, Minecraft Dungeons is more structured but still hides secrets. One of them involves the mysterious Soggy Caves which are full of puzzles and treasures for those who wish to brave them. Here’s how to reach the caves and solve the puzzles they contain.


How to Access Soggy Caves

Witches in the soggy swamp

Before you can delve into the secrets of the Waterlogged Caverns, you’ll first need to find a way to enter. The caves are accessible from the soggy swamp, but getting there is only one step. Here’s what else you’ll need to do to access the caves and the mission who goes with them.

  • Once you reach the Waterlogged Swamp, you will need to carefully explore every part of the map until you find where the cave entrance appeared.
  • Enter the cave and you will find yourself in a secret area. Explore it until you find another entrance that leads to another level.
  • In this new area, you will have to look for a beacon and activate it. Be careful, because once you do, you will be attacked by some mobs that you will have to overcome.
  • Once the crowds have been dealt with, a waterlogged cave scroll will appear. Pick it up and keep exploring or leave completely.

Once all this has been done, whenever you reload the world map, you will have access to the Soggy Cave mission.

What to expect in Soggy Caves

The puzzles consist of buttons this raise and lower redstone blocks. To complete the puzzles, you must lift all redstone blocks, connecting the Power side to side.

However, this can be difficult because the Redstone blocks will be raised randomly when you start. Fortunately, the the buttons always remain the same, so there are patterns you can learn to make these puzzles much easier.

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How to solve the first soggy cave puzzle

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Cave Puzzle #1 4 Buttons

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Cave Puzzle #1 4 Buttons

This puzzle has four buttons and can start with a assortment of raised redstone blocks. Here’s what each button does:

  • the first button essentially pushes all blocks one square to the left. It does this by lowering each raised block, then raising the one immediately to the left. If the leftmost block is lowered, the rightmost block will be raised, creating a loop.
  • the second button increase or decrease the second and fourth blocks.
  • the third button increase or decrease the three middle blocks.
  • the fourth button push all the blocks a space to the right similar to the first button.

A good strategy is to make sure all blocks are down. Then, once each block is lowered, press the buttons in this order: two, one, three, one, two.

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How to solve the second soggy cave puzzle

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Cave Puzzle with Two Buttons

Minecraft Dungeons Soggy Cave Puzzle with Two Buttons

This puzzle has two buttons and three blocks of redstone. As before, the blocks will be raised randomly, so you should start by lowering them all. Here’s what each button does:

  • the first button increase or decrease the middle block.
  • the second button push the pattern a space to the left.

Once all blocks are lowered, this puzzle is very easy to solve. Simply lift the middle block, slide it to the left and repeat until all blocks are lifted.

To do this, press the buttons in this order: one, two, one, two, one. Once you are done, the sound will sound and the puzzle will be complete.

The rewards

Once the two puzzles are completed, return to the main room. the the fifth door will now be unlocked. Go through the door to find a Obsidian Chest.

As this level can be completed quite quickly with the solutions above, Soggy Cave is one of the best loot farms in Minecraft Dungeons. If you want some good stuff quickly, Soggy Cave might just be the best way.

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