How to Tame and Ride a Horse in Minecraft

The world of Minecraft is vast, and getting around on foot is certainly tedious. You deplete your hunger bar faster when running all the time. But while exploring, did you come across a horse and think, “Can I mount it?

If so, you’re in luck! You can indeed tame a horse and ride it in Minecraft. However, the process can be a bit tricky because feeding the horse with food does not tame it compared to other animals in the game, so we have covered how to tame a horse in Minecraft below.

Where can I find a horse in Minecraft?

You can easily find horses in plains and savannahs. They usually lay in a herd with a maximum of six horses.

Additionally, you can also find horses in villages with stables and paddocks with horses and other animals.

How to tame a horse in Minecraft

Although horses eat wheat in the game, you cannot tame them with it, like you would tame a wolf with bones. In summary, you will have to ride the horse several times in order to tame it.

  1. Find a horse and right click without holding anything.
  2. You will mount the horse by right-clicking with your bare hands.tamed horse
  3. Once you get on the horse, it stands on both legs and throws you on its back.
  4. Keep going up until you see the heart particles floating around the horse.
  5. The horse will stop throwing you from the back once you tame it.

How to ride a horse in Minecraft

Taming a horse is just the first step to riding a horse. Riding a horse is very beneficial because it runs faster than you and jumps higher. You will need a saddle to ride a horse in the game. You can find the saddle in different chests located all over the map in Desert Pyramids, Dungeons, Buried Treasures, Nether Fortress, etc.

There are two ways to mount the saddle on the horse and mount it. The first is to use the Hotbar element.

  1. Once you have the saddle, place the saddle on your Shortcut bar and hold it in your hand.
  2. Right click on the horse with the saddle. You can see the saddle on the horse’s back.saddled horse
  3. Right click on the horse again to mount it. You can then control the horse using your movement keys.

You can also access the inventory and place the saddle on the horse.

  1. Once the horse is tamed, right click to mount it.
  2. Open your inventory. You can see the horse inventory on the top half of the GUI.saddle
  3. Place the saddle on the top left box. It also has a contour for the saddle.
  4. Exit the GUI and control the horse using your movement keys.

How to put horse armor on horse in Minecraft?

There are horse armors you can find in the game similar to the armor you are wearing. There are armors, like leather, iron, gold and diamond for horses. However, you cannot craft them using items in your inventory.

Similar to the saddle, you will have to explore the world of horse armor. You can also explore the Nether Fortress as chests can contain both saddles and horse armor.

horse armor

You can right click on the horse with the horse armor in your hand to open the horse’s inventory. Then you can place the armor in the armor slot to equip your horse with armor. Alternatively, you can also mount the horse, open its inventory, and then place the armor in the corresponding slot.

How to breed a horse in Minecraft?

You can feed two adult horses golden apples Where golden carrots until you see heart particles floating above them. The floating heart particles mean the horses have entered love mode. Once in love mode, the two horses will bond and breed, resulting in foal horse. You also get experience points by breeding horses.

thoroughbred horse

You can also raise a horse and a donkey in the same way. When you breed a horse and a donkey, they will produce a mule foal. It’s best to remember that you can no longer breed a mule when it becomes an adult because it was born sterile.

It’s best to remember that you can only breed horses that you have tamed. If you give the golden apple or the carrot to an untamed horse, it will not go into love mode.

What do horses eat in Minecraft?

Horses can eat several things in Minecraft. They can eat wheat, hay bales, apples, golden apples, golden carrots, and sugar. Additionally, your horse will enter love mode by feeding it the G Apple or the Golden Carrot.

How do I know my horse’s health in Minecraft?

You will have to ride the horse in order to check its health. When you mount it, a saddle-shaped icon bar replaces your health bar. The saddle bar represents the health of the horse. If it is weak, you can feed it to regenerate its health.