How to Teleport in Minecraft on Console or PC

Minecraft’s popularity isn’t slowing down, and the long-running game is still as much of a talking point as it ever was – people can’t get enough of the blocks!

And one of the reasons it remains popular is that it keeps giving us new reasons to come back to it and it rarely feels like there isn’t something new to do.

But how to teleport in Minecraft? Long before we get into the nitty-gritty, we must first tell you how to cheat in Minecraft!

How to Enable Cheats in Minecraft

Let’s get one thing out of the way first, if you don’t like cheating in Minecraft, teleporting might just be irrelevant for you, because you’ll have to cheat to do it.

As is becoming the norm with cheating, any achievements or trophies will be disabled when playing the game with active cheats – an important thing to keep in mind, especially for achievement/trophy hunters.

But how to cheat in Minecraft? Just follow these steps!

  • Open the game, then click Single Player, then Create New World.
  • You will see an Allow cheaters option – turn it on
  • Click Create New World again

That’s it! But if you want to enable cheats in an already created world…

  • Press Esc to open the game menu when in the world
  • Select Open to local network and you will see an Allow cheaters option – turn it on
  • Press Start World LAN

Work done!

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How to teleport in Minecraft?

Now that the cheats are enabled, how do you teleport?

  • Press either the right D-pad button on your controller or the T button on your keyboard
  • Now that the command box has appeared, enter this: /tp
  • Now you will want to use the unique coordinates of each Minecraft location. To find them, pause the game and click Settings, then enable Show Coordinates in Game Settings if you’re playing on the Bedrock Edition. If you are playing with Java, press F3
  • When typing the coordinates, put the teleport code first. For instance, /tp 01 01 01
  • Press enter and you will move to the coordinates of your choice!

You can also teleport a friend to you. The command to do this would be: /tp [insert friend’s screen name here] 01 01 01

Or if you want to teleport to your friend, you would say it like this: ts for example; /tp [friend’s screen name here]

Also you’ll want to paste the word true until you end your cheat so you don’t end up teleporting somewhere that will kill you instantly – always a drag when that happens.

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