How to Use Ancient Hunts in Minecraft Dungeons

There are many different levels players can try out in Minecraft Dungeons. Many of them are part of the story, but some are there to provide additional challenges and rewards.

One of them is the “ancient hunt” level. These can give players a huge boost and offer great rewards, but they come at a price.

Use Ancient Hunts in Minecraft Dungeons

Ancient Hunts are “endgame” missions in Minecraft Dungeons that are the best source of gilded gear and gold. Players must constantly sacrifice gear to enter. After that, they receive three revives and can leave and return to hunt three times at any time.

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Chests and monsters from Ancient Hunts do not drop weapons, armor, and artifacts, but can instead drop gold. However, old mobs can drop these items. Other than that, common chests rarely drop gold. Upon completion, the reward chest will always drop 10 gold for players.

Ancient Hunts can be accessed after completing a mission at default level V or higher. A Nether portal located in the camp’s cave serves as an interaction point for ancient hunts. This is the main boot mode. Hunts can also be found on the “Other Dimensions” tab of the “Mission Selection” map.

Before a hunt can begin, players must sacrifice a melee weapon, ranged weapon, armor, and artifact that meet the requirements for at least one type of ancient creature to appear. There are 26 possible ancient creatures.

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Ancient Hunts are some of the most challenging levels for Minecraft Dungeons players.  (Picture via Mojang)
Ancient Hunts are some of the most challenging levels for Minecraft Dungeons players. (Picture via Mojang)

Ancient Monsters are powerful “boss-like” variants of enchanted monsters that can summon enchanted minions and access a themed arena through hunting doors. These are the greatest challenges of ancient hunting.

Players simply have to traverse the admittedly difficult level to earn their loot.

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