How to Use Crossplay in Minecraft Dungeons

While exploring dungeons and battling baddies in Minecraft Dungeons is fun, playing with friends makes it even more enjoyable and rewarding.

The game supports cross-platform play between consoles and computers. Whether players enjoy the game on console or PC, they will be able to battle monsters and loot gear with their fellow heroes.

The process of accessing cross-platform play has been made incredibly simple, allowing players to maximize playtime and minimize the need for setup and semantics.

Using In-Game Crossplay in Minecraft Dungeons

With intuitive crossplay, players can easily dive into each other's games and jump straight into battle (Image via Mojang)
With intuitive crossplay, players can easily dive into each other’s games and battle directly (Image via Mojang)

Before accessing Minecraft Dungeons cross-platform play, players will need to ensure that their game has been updated to the latest version. If players’ game versions are not compatible, they will not be able to connect to each other in most situations.

Players should make sure their version is up to date (latest version is as of March 2022), then dive into the game menu. In most situations, cross-platform play will be active by default, but players on PlayStation consoles can manually enable or disable crossplay.

Crossplay on PlayStation editions of Minecraft Dungeons can be enabled by going to “Game Settings” and clicking “Configure Online Play”.

On other consoles, crossplay will remain enabled, meaning players only need to connect with others. These players should not be inhibited at all by the constraints of the platform.

Once Minecraft Dungeons heroes have enabled their crossplay, they can follow the steps below to host an online game with friends on any platform:

  1. Select “Online Game” from the menu. Players can use the shoulder buttons on their controller to switch between hosting online and offline games.
  2. Once the menu is displayed, players should select “Start Online Game”.
  3. Players will now be at their base camp.
  4. Players can now send invites (via their friends menu) to their fellow players or wait for their friends to jump into their game session.
  5. Once your fellow heroes have joined, simply head to the mission map and select a dungeon to head to. Players can bring other heroes into unlocked missions even if their friend hasn’t unlocked the mission themselves yet.

That’s all we can say about it. All crossplay functions basically run in the background when players connect to the host.

It is not necessary to choose specific players on certain platforms. Just open the host session and let the game’s crossplay feature work its magic for you.

Edited by Rachel Syiemlieh

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