How to Use Function Command in Minecraft Bedrock

There are tons of Minecraft commands, each of which serves an individual purpose and is useful on its own. They can make the game much easier and sometimes more fun. The controls are frowned upon by hardcore Minecraft players, but they’re useful and tons of players find themselves using them quite often.

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The function command is one of the most unique commands in Minecraft. It has a different usage in Java Edition as opposed to Bedrock Edition. Few commands differ when used on another platform, but the function command is not composed of multiple commands. Here’s what it does and how to use it in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

Set and use function command in Minecraft Bedrock Edition

Basically, the function command executes the commands found in the corresponding function file. In Java Edition, this means it executes a function or all functions of a tag from a datapack. However, in Bedrock Edition this means it is performing a function from a behavior pack.

#Minecraft How can I learn how to set Minecraft’s “function command”? Somebody teach me

A function in Bedrock Edition is defined as something that allows players to run lists of commands using text files with the “mcfunction” extension. To use it correctly, text files must be placed in a folder named “functions” within a behavior pack.

Ordering is quite simple. Here is the syntax: “/function “. The only tricky part is knowing which functions to use. For example, to give diamonds, the syntax would be: “/function digminecraft:give_diamond”. However, this should be specified before using the command; otherwise, it won’t. won’t work.

The command can be used for a wide variety of functions in Minecraft Bedrock Edition. In order to correctly use the command, or any command, it will need to be entered in the chat. Chat is used to message other players to see the order, but it must be sent there to activate.

The chat is used to enter messages, death messages and commands (Image via Minecraft)
The chat is used to enter messages, death messages and commands (Image via Minecraft)

Additionally, commands must be enabled on a Minecraft world, which requires disabling achievements and can be done in world settings.

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