How to Use the Clear Command in Minecraft Bedrock

Commands can be extremely useful for Minecraft players. There are in-game activities and endeavors that can take so long to complete as well as items that can take a long time to craft and enchant (in the case of weapons and armor). The controls can simplify everything in the game, which in turn can make the gaming experience much better, especially for those who have completed the game multiple times.

The clear command clears items from player inventories, including items dragged by the player. It’s a great way to get rid of unwanted items without having to find a lava pit or find a place to store them. Here’s how to use it.

How to use the clear command for Minecraft Bedrock

In Bedrock Edition, as well as any form of Minecraft, commands are entered in chat. The backslash is the trigger for them and the command is then typed and sent. In a multiplayer world, other players will be able to see it.

The Clear command is useful for removing unwanted inventory items.  Picture via Minecraft
The Clear command is useful for removing unwanted inventory items. Picture via Minecraft

Also, command usage is not automatically enabled in all Minecraft worlds. This will disable achievements, but it can be enabled for any world. This can be done in world settings and it can be done before or after world generation.

For Bedrock Edition, the clear command syntax is “/clear [player] [itemName] [data] [maxCount].” Tags refer to the following:

  • player is optional but refers to the name of the player whose inventory should be emptied. If not specified, the player entering the command will have their inventory cleared.
  • itemName is also optional. This is the item to be cleared, but if no item name is entered, then the player’s entire inventory will be cleared.
  • the data is also optional. This is the data value applied to the item. It identifies block variation if there is more than one type for that item, such as wooden planks.
  • maxCount is also optional. This is the maximum number of erased items. If this is omitted, all matching items will be deleted.

Players are advised to be very careful with this command so as not to empty their inventory by accident.

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